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Is Everybody Keeping Calm And Carrying On?

Perhaps, I should have excluded the Welsh from this, as they may be carrying on, but they certainly haven’t kept calm, as the Dragon rampages through France.

I ask this question because since the Brexit vote on June 23rd, there has not been much real news.

There has been no mass redundancies, the financial markets have settled and there have been no pro- or anti-Brexit riots on the streets.

The only real news from the Government was from George Osborne, who made the decision not to balance the budget by 2020.

It’s reported in this article on the BBC, which is entitled Osborne abandons 2020 budget surplus target.

The national media is obsessed with who will be leading the Labour and Tory parties.

I’m actually taking a practical attitude to these elections.

  • Who leads the bitterly-divided Labour Party, is about as relevant these days to the UK, as who is the captain of the Mongolian football team.
  • When the Tory party is in crisis, a leader usually appears, who although unfancied does at least a competent job for a few years.

The Tory party will still be here in a decade or so, but without the Sword of Europe hanging over it.

As to the Labout Party, who knows? Party members don’t!

We are facing a fascinating remainder of this year, where these important questions will be answered.

  • Will Wales win Euro 2016?
  • Will Andy Murray win Wimbledon?
  • Will Leicester City carry on next season as they did last?
  • Will Mo Farah complete a double-double of the five and ten thousand metres?
  • Will Chris Froome win a third Tour de France?
  • Will the weather improve and the sun break through?
  • Will we ever see any electric trains running on the Great Western?

We will just carry on and apply an appropriate demeanour.

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