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An Ambitious Proposal For A New Train Service?

I don’t know Somerset at all, so I can’t judge the proposal for a new train service discussed in this article in the International Railway Journal.

This is the opening paragraph.

GO-OP, a British open-access operating organisation, has presented revised plans to introduce a new rail service from Taunton to Swindon from December 2017.

The route starts via the following stations on the Taunton to Reading Line

Then via the following stations on the Wessex Main Line.

Finally, there are these stations on the Great Western Main Line

Eventually the company aims to extend the service to Oxford, Banbury, Leaminton Spa, Kenilworth, Coventry and Nuneaton.

Leamington Spa and Kenilworth are my additions, but they lie on the route and Kenilworth is a new station opening in Summer 2017. That date now looks like Summer 2018!

I found the article, because they intend to start the service using a pair of Vivarail D-Trains, which would be replaced in 2019 by CAF Civity diesel multiple units.

It is an ambitious proposal, that creates a new cross-country route from Somerset to Warwickshire.

It is unusual in that most Open Access proposals are longer distance services radiating from London.

But commercially and railway-wise the two areas are similar.

  • Both attract tourists and visitors.
  • Both have a network or underused railways.
  • Both are close to big dominating cities.
  • Both are probably areas, where lots of new housing is being built.

I don’t know, but perhaps it will set a welcome precedent.

  • Norfolk/Suffolk and Cheshire
  • Lincoln and Lancashire.
  • Cumbria and Derbyshire
  • North Wales and Nottinghamshire.

Certainly the Digital Railway, the available of quality DMUs and bi-modes like the Class 769 train, new stations and ambitious councils will all help.

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