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What Would Happen If Trump Made It To The White House?

The Times yesterday tried to answer this question in an analysis.


  • Donald Trump has changed parties five times.
  • He  would be the first commander-in-chief with no experience in office or at the top of the military.
  • He says he’s his own best adviser on foreign policy.
  • He as campaigned as the ultimate political outsider.

Day 1

  • He has vowed to erase the Obama presidency.
  • He would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.
  • He would suspend a scheme that brings Syrian refugees to the US.
  • He could task officials with drafting trade cases against China.
  • He would go to a terrific inauguration ball.

The First 100 Days

  • He would drain the Washington sump.
  • He could restrict White House officials becoming corporate lobbyists  after leaving.
  • He could introduce term limits for members of Congress.
  • He could cancel all payments to the UN climate change programme.
  • He would begin interviewing candidates for the upreme Court, a decision, that could shape issues like abortion and gun control for thirty years.
  • He has said he would give top jobs to generals.
  • He will face resistance in Congress.
  • The wall with Mexico will be designed.
  • An immigration ban on some countries would be in place.
  • Plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act would be in place.


A lot more is said on the wall, taxes, Syria, NATO, trade, Obamacare and immigration.

Read the article!


I doubt, I’ll ever go anywhere near the United States again.

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  1. Hear hear. Totally disgusted that anyone can consider voting for that criminal.

    Comment by Jeff | November 5, 2016 | Reply

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