The Anonymous Widower

Widowhood Is A Lonely Dark Club

And a dark club, that no-one asked if you wanted to join.

After forty years of a generally happy and vibrant relation, especially when it came like a thunderbolt from nowhere, makes it no easier.

It is lonely, but I do have the freedom to do what I want.

I could just throw my clothes on the floor each night and live on beer and baked beans. Which I don’t!

Today, I’m off to see Ipswich lose at Sheffield Wedneswday.

I’m then off tomorrow for four days in the Canaries! Nothing to do with Norfolk!

But both trips will be alone!

Surely, there must be widow, out there who feels like I do!

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Could The Brexit Ruling Be Beneficial To All?

This article on the BBC is entitled PM urged to calm the backlash against Brexit ruling.

It is all getting very nasty out there.

The judges were asked for their opinion and they gave it.

Some  reaction is like that of a heavy smoker, who has just asked his doctor, if smoking will cause lung cancer and he hasn’t liked the reply.

I am by training a Control Engineer, who in his time has modelled very complex systems.

I can remember a couple of difficult problems, where to find a working solution, some form of delay had to be introduced.

After that, everything was hunky-dory!

The biggest effect of the Brexit ruling, will be to introduce a delay in the calling of Article 50, which will now hang like a Sword of Damacles over everybody, be they a politician, captain of industry or just an ordinary Jack or Jill like me.

So as Doctor Johnson said about hanging concentrating the mind, could we see the ultimate British solution; a compromise?

Thank the Devil for lawyers!


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What Would Happen If Trump Made It To The White House?

The Times yesterday tried to answer this question in an analysis.


  • Donald Trump has changed parties five times.
  • He  would be the first commander-in-chief with no experience in office or at the top of the military.
  • He says he’s his own best adviser on foreign policy.
  • He as campaigned as the ultimate political outsider.

Day 1

  • He has vowed to erase the Obama presidency.
  • He would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.
  • He would suspend a scheme that brings Syrian refugees to the US.
  • He could task officials with drafting trade cases against China.
  • He would go to a terrific inauguration ball.

The First 100 Days

  • He would drain the Washington sump.
  • He could restrict White House officials becoming corporate lobbyists  after leaving.
  • He could introduce term limits for members of Congress.
  • He could cancel all payments to the UN climate change programme.
  • He would begin interviewing candidates for the upreme Court, a decision, that could shape issues like abortion and gun control for thirty years.
  • He has said he would give top jobs to generals.
  • He will face resistance in Congress.
  • The wall with Mexico will be designed.
  • An immigration ban on some countries would be in place.
  • Plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act would be in place.


A lot more is said on the wall, taxes, Syria, NATO, trade, Obamacare and immigration.

Read the article!


I doubt, I’ll ever go anywhere near the United States again.

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