The Anonymous Widower

Crawling Home From Gatwick

Getting home from Gatwick for me, should be an easy process.

  • Touch in with my American Express card at Gatwick Airport station.
  • Train to East Croydon station.
  • Touch out to close the transaction.
  • Train to London Bridge.
  • 141 bus to home.

But there was trouble in this simple plan.

  • Thameslink services appeared to have problems.
  • The tragic Croydon tram accident.
  • There appeared to be a shortage pf trains to East Croydon.
  • Staff weren’t very numerous.
  • The closure of ower Bridge.

I eventually got to East Croydon and touched out without going through the barrier, so I was now in Freedom Pass territory. The train from Gatwick was a Class 377 train, which although brilliant for commuters, is not designed for anybody with a suitcase.

There needs to be a reader on the platform at East Croydon, so that passengers with Freedom Passes can touch in and out, without going to the barrier. But sorting this minor irritation, is probably the least of Southern’s worries.

After a wait of about thirty minutes, I got on a trainto London Bridge and although, I’d intended to get the Overground from Brockley, I missed the stop as in the dark, I missed the stop, so I went to London Bridge, which should be quicker anyway.

But it wasn’t, as on arrival at the station, there were no buses and only a couple of taxis.

I took the taxi and the amiable driver immediately turned off the meter.

It was all due to the total gridlock created by works on both Tower and London bridges.

After crossing the river, it was more or less plain sailing.

It could be argued that my journey would have been easier, if I hadn’t wanted to go via East Croydon, so that I could save a few pounds.

I don’t need the money but other travellers do! The system certainly doesn’t cope well with those, who want to change from using their Freedom Pass to a ticket at East Croydon station.

If I’m going out and back through Gatwick, the problem can also be solved by buying a return ticket from East Croydon to Gatwick Airport from a ticket machine from certain companies like the Overground and Thameslink.



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  1. James You should add the time taken for each part plus total time.

    Comment by RL | November 11, 2016 | Reply

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