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I’m Voting For Balham

There is a controversy as to whether Crossrail 2 should call at Balham or Tooting Broadway stations on the Northern Line. There is even a website called Crossrail 2: Balham Or Tooting? This is said.

Our local station had been planned at Tooting Broadway, but Transport for London (TfL) has discovered difficult ground conditions under Tooting and is thinking of moving the station to Balham.

Tooting was originally chosen as it is more in need of the economic boost and better rail connectivity that Crossrail 2 will bring. However, by moving the station to Balham the cost of Crossrail 2 will be less and surface disruption during construction will be reduced.

I went to Balham station today, as I needed to get a train to Victoria after my walk in Kennington. That may seem strange, but the Victoria Line wasn’t running.

Balham Station

Balham Station

So why am I voting for Balham?

  • I have talked to one of TfL’s engineers and he convinced me about the ground conditions at Tooting.
  • Tooting would give good connections South on the Northern Line, which I already have from Angel.
  • Balham could be developed into a larger four-platform station with multiple connections.

In my mind though, Balham will always be the Gateway to the South.

But we all know that the objections to Balham, are because it would shut the Waitrose.


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Don’t Get A Mask To Rob A Bank – Just Buy The App

This is the title of an article in The Sunday Times.

It talks about an App called Blackshades, that can be bought for three hundred pounds, that enables a thief to seize control of a victim’s computer and steal their passwords.

Hopefully, I’m protected but it’s a frightening concept. My passwords aren’t stored on the computer, but in my Mark 1, 1947-vintage core store, which is the safest place for them.

It also says that infiltrating a smart-phone or tablet can be easier than targetting desktops, saying that many criminals set up malicious hotspots in public places.

For that reason, I only use wi-fi in trusted locations and usually have it switched off on my smart phone. I never use wi-fi that wants my e-mail address as giving it usually ensures, I’ll get marketing e-mails, which I class as spam.

I also check my bank account and credit cards every day or so, so that if I’m robbed, I know it first.

From what I can ascertain, I think that contactless payments are pretty safe, especially in London, where there are billions of transactions because of public transport.

So I use contctless wherever I can locally!

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A Walk Between Kennington And Oval Tube Stations

I walked this morning between Kennington and Oval tube stations.


  • The aim was to see if I could find any sign of the construction of the Northern Line Extension.
  • I walked along Kennington Park Road and then cut into Kennington Park.

The work site at Kenngton Park, was not difficult to spot on the Kennington Park Place side of Kennington Park.

  • Many of the sites for Crossrail are very cramped, but at least this one seems to surrounded by grass, that can be very easily restored.
  • All the noise-generating equipment is encased in a large acoustic enclosure, as twenty-four hour working is envisaged.

The park also contains the Prince Consort Lodge, which looks to be an interesting Victorian architectural experiment.

This Google Map shows the two stations and Kennington Park.

Kennington And Oval Tube Stations And Kennington Park

Kennington And Oval Tube Stations And Kennington Park

This Google Map is an enlarged one showing both the work sites at Kennington Park and Kennington Green.

Kennington Green And Kennington Park Work Sites

Kennington Green And Kennington Park Work Sites

This map from, shows the Northern Line through the area.

Lines Through Kennington And Oval Tube Stations

Lines Through Kennington And Oval Tube Stations


  • The Northern Line was probably dug under Kennington Park Road, which is labelled as the A3.
  • Kennington Park is on the Eastern side of Kennington Park Road.
  • It looks like the Kennington Loop crosses Kennington Park Road very close to Kennington Park Place.
  • Extrapolating being the two maps and reality, should give you the position of the shaft, with respect yo Kennington station.
  • There’s more on what is happening here on this web page on the TfL web site.

Reading the documents on the TfL web site, it is now clear how the tunnels will be dug.

  • Tunneling will start from Battersea and the tunnel boring machines will be lifted out at the two work sites; Kennington Green and Kennington Park.
  • The running tunnel between the Kennington Green shaft will be 211 m. long and should be complete in December 2016.
  • The running tunnel between the Kennington Park shaft will be 75 m. long and should be complete in October 2016.
  • Both these short tunnels will be dug by traditional methods and lined with sprayed concrete.

At least Google doesn’t seem to be able to find any recent complaints.

Pictures Of The Kennington Green Site

A couple of days later, I went to the Kennington Green site and took these pictures.

It’s just an anonymous and very professional large green acoustic screen.




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