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Do We Need A National Health Service?

You might say that’s what we’ve got, but what we really have is a National Illness Service

But it is not making best use of resources to make sure we don’t need it.

Consider some of the things that have happened to me in the last couple of days.

I ran out of statins yesterday, which indicated to me that I’d got to get a repeat prescription from Boots. But where was the message to say it was time to pick them up?

It doesn’t matter to me, as  the Boots I use, as did my grandmother before the First World War, is only a bus ride away.

Whilst waiting for my prescription, I got talking to a young lady from Cancer Research UK, who was also waiting for her prescription. I teased her about not smoking and I was glad to see she didn’t. I wish my son George had been so sensible.

I then got talking to a lady, who must have been around eighty and we discussed how I tested my own INR. She was familiar with the device and had wanted one for her mother, who had had a stroke. But the cost was just too much, so the surgery used to send a nurse round.

I feel very strongly, that in the right hands self-testing is a real life improver, as any diabetic will tell you. After all, most of us can now use a well-designed device.

We also talked about my coeliac disease, as her two great-daughters had both been diagnosed, but she didn’t know, it can be a cause of not getting pregnant.

When I was diagnosed as a coeliac, a lot of the information I received from Addenbrookes was far too comprehensive and not very practical. But,  gradually with the help of various trusted web sites and a previous GP, I’ve found a regime that works for me.

Perhaps, what is needed is a network of local mentors for diseases like coeliac disease, as what you can find differs very much as you go around the country.One regime definitely doesn’t fit all!

For instance, Cambridge, Glasgow and Liverpool are much easier than say Blackpool, Ipswich or Middlesborough.

Incidentally, on Sunday, a young lady and her boyfriend had been a bit confused as to what bread to buy in Marks at Waterloo station, so as I do when asked an opinion, I guided her through the gluten-free section. To be fair to Marks, their staff are usually helpful.

Over the last few months, I’ve been involved in the testing of a new anti-cholesterol drug, at the William Harvey Research Institute.

On a selfish note, it has allayed a lot of fears about my health.

I would certainly recommend that if you have a medical or psychological condition, that you check out the research around your local area and see if you can help by joining a suitable research project.

From my experience with Liverpool University, I know they are looking for people to assist with research, much of which is psychological and just involves answering a few questions.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in research at Moorfields Hospital, Liverpool University, Oxford University and the University of East London, none of which involved any more than looking at a computer screen or filling in a form.

The Moorfields research was in some ways the most interesting, where I had my eyes tested on a series of new machines and was then asked to say which ones I preferred. The project was attempting to find the best machines for the NHS.

So if your local University is looking for research volunteers, in something that might be to your advantage, why not volunteer.

After all, it is our National Health Service and we should bend it to our needs.

With the anti-cholesterol drug, I’ve seen some of the best doctors in the field and I’ve learned to inject myself. Hopefully, it’s a skill I won’t need again.


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  1. I thought of you when i saw this

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