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Deansgate Station

I took these pictures of Deansgate station  as I passed through.

Deansgate station needs a lot of improvement.

This Google Map shows the area.

Around Deansgate Station

Around Deansgate Station

I don’t think, I’ve seen an area of a UK city, with so many parked cars. Why aren’t people coming into the City by using the trains and the trams?

All that wasted land could be used for something useful like housing or commecial developments.

I walked to the station and I used the lift to get to the platform, but even so, I still had to climb quite a few steps. I wonder that it is station that many avoid because, the access is better at other stations.

On the other hand it is an interchange to the Manchester Metrolink at Deansgate-Castlefield.

Also when the Ordsall Chord is completed and when a full timetable is implemented, surely there will be many more services through the station.

So hopefully, improvements are planned.

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Walking Between Manchester Piccadilly And Deansgate Stations

I took these pictures as I walked between Manchester Piccadilly and Deansgate stations.

The viaduct is certainly substantial.

I find walking difficult in Manchester, as there are virtually no maps. In London there are walking maps everywhere; on bus stops, at tube and rail stations and free standing.

One of the strange things, is that in all the pictures I took on this walk, there is no evidence of Oxford Road station, which is between Piccadilly and Deansgate. There were so signs either.

Perhaps, it’s been knocked down, since I visited a few weeks ago?

Others would say that I should use the map on my phone, but that is not easy, as my left hand is dodgy and to use a phone, I prefer to lay it flat somewhere and use it with my right hand.

I still think that the reason London is so well-mapped, is that because it is so large, the average Londoner find themselves in a strange area quite often and need immediate help. But in smaller cities, the city is small enough for all the locals to memorise the city, so they object if sums of money are spent on maps.

The only other city in the UK with good maps is Glasgow, which in terms of area is the second largest.

With this walk from Piccadilly to Deansgate, I just followed the viaduct. But it wasn’t easy at times, as there were various dead-ends, too much unnecessary traffic and parked vehicles and difficult road crossings.

Perhaps Manchester needs some combined Cycling and Walking Superhighways! And perhaps a Congestion Charge, to discourage people from bringing cars into the centre, as it did in London.

I wonder if anybody, has done an analysis of the number of visitors and tourists a city gets against the usability of its public transport and walking routes. My personal scores out of five for various UK cities would be.

  • Birmingham – 3
  • Brighton – 4
  • Bristol – 2
  • Cardiff – 4
  • Edinburgh – 3
  • Glasgow – 4
  • Leeds – 3
  • Liverpool – 4
  • Manchester – 2
  • Newcastle – 3
  • Nottingham – 4
  • Sheffield – 3

This is all very personal, as obviously I know Liverpool well. But in fairness you can give brief instructions on how to spend a day or two in Liverpool, as the centre is extensively pedestrianised and this gives the visitor a linear focus on which to explore the City.

Brighton has the seafront and once you know how to get back to the station, on foot or by bus, it has this focus on which to base your visit.

Does Manchester City Centre have a linear focus?

Manchester doesn’t draw you in with a welcoming station, as do Liverpool, Sheffield or Newcastle, and I suspect, it doesn’t make the most of casual visitors passing through.

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The Back Side Of Manchester Piccadilly Station

These pictures show the back side of Manchester Piccadilly station.


  • It wasn’t easy to get out to that side of the station.
  • The two platforms outside the station on the viaduct are the dreaded Platforms 13 and 14, with their serious overcrowding, lack of facilities and lots of draughts and cold.
  • Platforms 13 and 14 must be the worst pair of platforms in the UK.
  • I nearly got run over three times trying to cross the road.

I doubt that I’ll ever see Manchester Piccadilly station improved.


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