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Surrey Has A Budget Crisis

This article on the BBC is entitled Conservative-led Surrey County Council plans 15% council tax hike.

This is said.

A Conservative-run council wants to raise its tax by 15% in the next financial year, blaming government cuts and increased demand for social care.

Surrey County Council leader David Hodge said the government had cut its annual grant by £170m since 2010.

Surrey definitely has a budget crisis.

An old friend of mine was a senior executive in a FTSE-listed mining and resources company.

We were having lunch and he said that of all the areas in the UK, Surrey was the most likely to find a sizeable oil-field.

He also said, that Oil Exploration would be transformed if there was a Local Extraction Tax.

So why aren’t Surrey encouraging the Oil Companies to foind the black gold to pay for all those services that the County needs?

In fact, if you type “fracking Surrey” into Google, you’ll find nothing but hostility..

After all they’ve already found one sizeable field recently at Horse Hill, as I wrote about inThe Oil Find That Will Settle The Result Of The Election.

I’m afraid, you can’t have your cake and eat it!

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