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West Anglia Route Improvement – Broxbourne Station – 22nd February 2017

I took these pictures at Broxbourne station.

This Google Map shows the layout of the station.

broxbourne Station

broxbourne Station

It is almost as if when the station was moved to its current site in 1959, that it was designed to be the Northern terminal of a line like Crossrail 2.

  • The site is generous with lots of space for stabling sidings and parking for cars.
  • The fast trains stop in the middle two platforms giving cross-platform access with the local services on the two outside lines.
  • The station has full step-free access with a waiting area, a cafe and toilets on the massive bridge over the lines.
  • Platforms appear to be ready for 12-car trains.
  • It is a Grade 2 Listed building with a prominent water feature, built in the early-1600s.

Greater Anglia And Broxbourne Station

I don’t think the potential has been lost on Greater Anglia.

  • They have been very vocal about about getting Broxbourne to Yottenham Hale four-tracked as soon as is practically possible. And it appears to be starting.
  • With the splitting of fast and slow services onto separate lines, it must be possible to run say 10 tph on the slow lines.
  • Fast trains to and from Cambridge, Ely and Stansted could probably interchange better with local services.
  • The station is virtually mid-way between the scientific powerhouse of Cambridge and the financial powerhouse of London.
  • Could the station have new a North-facing platform to accept new services from Cambridge, Norwich, Peterborough and perhaps even Lincoln?

Broxbourne must be one of the best mid-line interchanges anywhere in the UK.

It would not need a massive amount of money to be spent at Broxbourne to make the station a superb Northern terminus for Crossrail 2. It makes Shenfield and Abbey Wood look decidedly second-class now.

Greater Anglia’s Plans For Fast Broxbourne Services

But Crossrail 2 is some years away, so how will Greater Anglia maximise the use of this priceless asset?

Greater Anglia have ordered a fleet of 12-car Stadler electric multiple units for Cambridge and Stansted services. After the four-tracking of Broxbourne to Tottenham Hale, you can imagine these trains stopping in the middle two platforms, before or after a fast uninterrupted run to either Liverpool Street or Stratford.

As there are ten of these expresses, I suspect that will see five Stadler trains per hour (tph) to and from London. But we’ll also be seeing some Aventras with a similar performance taking the fast lines.

Greater Anglia’s Plans For Slow Broxbourne Services

I feel that to maximise traffic at all the intermediate stations, there will be a regular service of something like 4 tph all the way between Broxbourne and Tottenham Hale.

The slower trains take about 20 minutes with typically five stops. But the trains are thirty-year-old Class 317 trains. and will be replaced by faster Aventras, which are optimised to minimise dwell times at stations.

A similar change is happening on Crossrail, which means that Romford to Liverpool Street stopping at eight stations will go from 31  to 17 minutes.

So I think we’ll see slow Broxbourne to Tottenham Hale services serveral minutes faster than they are now, despite stopping everywhere.

But 4 tph will increase ridership substantially.

Competition For Greater Anglia

It is between Cambridge and London, that Greater Anglia will face the greatest competition as they do now.

But the new trains may be able to almost match the fastest Cambridge to Kings Cross times.

Greater Anglia will also offer other sdvantages.

  • Access to the City of London through Liverpool Street.
  • Access to Crossrail at Liverpool Street and Stratford.
  • Easy access to Canary Wharf, the West End and Heathrow.

The effects of the new Stadler trains shouldn’t be underestimated.

Stansted is a monopoly, so that will do well!

Changing at Broxbourne between fast and slow services may mean that they generate traffic for Stansted, as currently for many it’s easier to drive.

There is also competition from London Overground’s route from Cheshunt to Liverpool Street, especially as with new trains, this will be route with new Aventra trains.

I do wonder if Greater Anglia will invite London Overground to extend their Cheshunt service by one station to a dedicated platform at Broxbourne station, as this would mean that they would have less need to stop fast Cambridge trains at Cheshunt.

Also before Crossrail 2 is up and running, it would create an eight tph service to London on two separate routes from Broxbourne.

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