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West Anglia Route Improvement – Waltham Cross Station – 22nd February 2017

I took these pictures at Waltham Cross station.

This Google Map shows Waltham Cross station.

Waltham Cross Station

Waltham Cross Station


  • The railway goes under both the M25 where provision has been msade for the extra tracks.
  • There is no future proofing under the A121 to the North of the station. So the bridge needs extensive remodelling.
  • Housing has been built on the North side of the A121, which may need to be demolished for the four-tracking.
  • The space is a bit tight alongside the station, but the property is commercial.
  • The recently built step-free footbridge at Waltham Cross station will need to be replaced or at least extensively modified.

Considering that Waltham Cross station was rebuilt for the 2012 Olympics, it is a supreme example of not paying attention to the future.

This Google Map shows the station in detail.

Waltham Cross Station - Enlarged

Waltham Cross Station – Enlarged

I hope Network Rail own a big shoehorn and have a big budget for both doing the work and compensation.

To be fair to Network Rail, it’s probably not totally their fault.

Surely when the A121 was improved through Waltham Cross, provision for four-tracking the railway should have been made. Earlier, this had been done, when the M25 , which opened i n 1986, was built.

On the other hand, Network Rail must have known that their bridge could be in the way of four-tracking.

If you look at the fifth picture in the gallery, there might just be space for the two tracks to fit between the offices and lifts for the footbridge.

Waltham Cross Station

I don’t think I’d like to have one of those offices by the railway.

But even if the tracks could be installed, there would then be the need to do the following.

  • Tunnel through the bridge.
  • Lower the track to make enough space for the trains and catenary.
  • Use slab-track to ensure train stability.
  • Put in lots of acoustic barriers.

You get a lot of fun in the construction industry.

It will be interesting to see how Network Rail design themselves out of this one.



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