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Would You Trust Your Weight On A Thirty Metre Long Plastic Bridge?

I might as I’m only just over sixty kilograms, but others might not!

But never underestimate the power of World Class engineering.

This article in The Construction Index is entitled Mabey and Arup Launch Plastic Modular Bridge.

The bridge has the following characteristics.

  • Built of metre long sections bolted together.
  • Up to thirty metre spans.
  • Installed without heavy machinery.
  • The bridge is 70% lighter than steel.
  • Low maintenance

The first bridge has been installed over the railway at a Site of Special Scientific Interest In Oxford.

I feel that Arup have designed this bridge system for purposes other than permanent structures.

This Google Map shows the centre of Tadcaster.

The road bridge that connects the two parts of the town was swept away by floodwater, as this BBC report, which details the destruction and rebuilding shows.

The new system couldn’t replace a road bridge, but there must be many instances around the world, after a an earthquake or floods, where the first thing that the rescuers need is a bridge to access a destroyed town or village.

The size and low weight of this bridge system, means it could be an early arrival.

There is more about the Pedesta bridge on Mabey’s web site.


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  1. […] Pedesta Bridge, that I talked about in Would You Trust Your Weight On A Thirty Metre Long Plastic Bridge?, has got me […]

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  2. I suspect the problem with a plastic bridge would be that the scrotes would find it amusing to try and set it on fire – resulting in the collapse of a burning plastic bridge onto whatever was below. This is not all conjecture – here in Manchester scrotes tried to bring down a suspension bridge onto the M60: –

    Comment by Mark Clayton | March 18, 2017 | Reply

  3. This is said in the article.

    As the modules are 70% lighter than steel, they require only a pallet truck or forklift to move. The polymer material is also designed to be resistant to fire, graffiti, vandalism, and ultra-violet radiation.

    I also suspect they’ve tested a bridge with an army of vandals.

    Comment by AnonW | March 18, 2017 | Reply

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