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Rail Improvements Between Hastings and London

With four bids to run the new Southeastern franchise, in a few months we will be able to see a bit clearly what will happen to the train service between Hastings and London. The two latest franchises to be awarded in East Anglia and South West London etc. have both gone to companies willing to spend almost a billion pounds on new trains, which will bring more services and seats, wi-fi and 4G to the resp3ctive framchise areas. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new incumbent spends a similar amount and Network Rail chips in a couple of hundred million to make sure that passengers see a real benefit.

As far as Hastings is concerned, we could see the following.

  1. A faster service to Ashford.
  2. St. Pancras in 70 minutes.
  3. A fast service from Brighton to Hastings.
  4. A rail by-pass through an Eastbourne Parkway station.

We might even see a Brighton to St. Pancras srvice via Hastings, Ashford, Ebbsfleet and Stratford.

In the medium term the following could happen.

  1. A link to Crossrail at Ebbsfleet.
  2. A link to Cambridge/Stansted services at Stratford of only a few metres.
  3. A South Coast Express from Bournemouth to Ashford.

Who knows where companies spening a billion pounds on infrastructure and trains will go.

Anber Rudd is the key, as she sits like the Queen Bee in the middle.

June 23, 2017 - Posted by | Transport |

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