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Riding Docklands Light Railway Trains In Essen

This may seem an unusual title, but look at these pictures.

These are the original Docklands Light Railway trains, that were sold to Essen, who rebuilt them for the Essen Stadtbahn.

Note how they have been converted from third-rail to overhead electrification.

Some of our trains will be scrapped when they retire, like probably the Class 314 trains in Scotland and the Class 315 trains in London, but many like London Underground’s  D78 Stock, which are being converted into Class 230 trains will find new jobs to do.

This article on Trains Magazine is entitled Pittsburgh-based Company Looks To Test ‘pop-up’ Transit Options In The UK And US.

It describes how they plan to use Class 230 trains, to develop rail services in the US.

This is the first paragraph.

U.S. Railroad investor Henry Posner III and his Railroad Development Corp. have plans to bring rebuilt self-powered former London subway cars to the U.S. to enable cities to introduce low cost rail transit on existing, lightly used freight routes.

I wish Henry well!

But I do think, that a lot of older trains will be recycled to other profitable and worthwhile uses, away from the UK.

Most people would sniff at driving to wor every dayk in a 1980s-built car, but many travel to work in a quality train of the same era.

The difference is that most cars are built for a life of perhaps ten years, so you will buy another,

UK trains, (Pacers excepted!) were built with a design lifetime of forty or even fifty years.

Some mid-life updates and refurbishments have confused passengers into thinking they were new trains.

We should think of trains much more like houses than cars, when it comes to refurbishment.

Over the next few years, we will see some inteesting recycling of redundant British rolling stock.



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