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Heathrow Southern Railway’s Plans For Staines

In an article in the December 2016 Edition of Modern Railways about the Heathrow Southern Railway, Chris Stokes outlines how railway will serve Staines.

The addition of a bay platform at Staines, deliverable within the existing railway boundary, would assist service resilience and potentially allow extension of Crossrail services from T5 to Staines, providing a highly attractive alternative route from Staines to central London, together with enhanced interchange with South Western services. Journey times from Staines to Paddington would be as fast as to Waterloo, with excellent central London distribution provided by Crossrail. We would expect the majority of Staines to central London passengers to transfer to Crossrail, with significant interchange to Crossrail from intermediate stations between Staines and Reading, relieving overcrowding between Staines and Waterloo.

This map from shows the rail lines at Staines station.


  1. London trains take the lines to the East.
  2. Windsor and Heathrow trains take or will take the lines to the North-West.
  3. Reading trains take the lines to the South-West.

Heathrow Southern Railway plan to add a bay platform in the North West corner of the station.

  • It will be built on current railway land. (Chris Stokes)
  • It will help with the resilience of the train service. (Chris Stokes)
  • It could possibly be the terminus of an extended Crossrail service from Heathrow Terminal 5. (Chris Stokes)

I shall now look at various features, benefits and possible problems in detail.

Could A 205 Metre Long Platform Be Built?

The Google Map shows Staines station.


  1. The five-car blue train in the station.
  2. The train is probably a Class 458 train, which is just over a hundred metres long.
  3. Crossrail’s Class 345 trains are up to 205 metres long.
  4. The two footbridges over the tracks.
  5. The junction, where the tracks split to the West of the station.

These pictures show the area, where the new bay platform would go.

The Station Path and the green space are clearly shown on the Google Map.

Using the train in the station as a hundred metre ruler, I feel that with good design a platform, that was long enough for a Class 345 train could be built.

  • The path would be landscaped.
  • The platform would connect to the London-bound Platform 1.
  • There is probably space for some shelters and other facilities.
  • There might be a new entrance to the station at the West end.

Platforms have been built in much more difficult locations than this.

What Frequency Of Trains Could The Platform Handle?

Many terminal platforms in the UK handle four trains per hour  (tph).

Crossrail will actually handle 12 tph using three terminal platforms at Shenfield station, when the station gets the full service in May 2019.

I don’t think it would be outrageous to say, that the single bay platform at Staines station would be able to handle four tph.

Would Crossrail Want To Serve Staines?

Crossrail’s current service plans are lop-sided, with more trains going to the East than to the West. This means that 12 tph turnback at Paddington station.

I’m sure they would welcome extra termini in the West!

Heathrow Southern Railway’s plan is that trains will pass through Heathrow Terminal 5 station and then take the new rail link to Staines.

Crossrail’s current plan envisages two tph terminating in Heathrow Terminal 5 station, but I don’t think with the right signalling and timetable, that running four tph through the airport to the bay platform at Staines, would be impossible.

But this will only happen if there are the passengers to use the service.

Who Might Use Crossrail To And From Staines?

Chris Stokes said this.

We would expect the majority of Staines to central London passengers to transfer to Crossrail

As there is research behind the proposal, this will be right.

But there is one group of passengers, who will welcome Crossrail with open arms.

That is those people, who live in Staines or the surrounding area and work or want to work at Heathrow.

As Chris Grayling announced that Southern access to Heathrow was a priority, I discussed it with one of South Western’s station staff.

They put me right about getting from Staines to Heathrow for an early shift.

Crossrail’s Plans for Heathrow at 6th January 2019

Om the 9th January 2019, Wikipdia said that following Crossrail trains will run to Heathrow.

  • Terminal 4 – Four trains per hour (tph)
  • Terminal 5 – two tph

In addition it looks like Heathrow Express will run four tph to Terminal 5.

Heathrow Southern Railway plan to run the Heathrow Express services through to Basingstoke, Guildford and Woking.

If Crossrail were to run four tph to Staines in addition the extended Heathrow Express at four tph, that would only be one train every seven and a half minutes. Compare this with the time it takes of ten minutes to turn trains in the platform at Heathrow Terminal 5 station.

I would suspect it could be possible to run four tph through Terminal 5 to a bay platform at Staines.


It’s amazing what can happen, when you add a simple bay platform!





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