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Traffic Between Windsor And Staines After The Building Of Heathrow Southern Railway

Currently, Windsor and Eton Riverside station has a two train per hour (tph) service to Waterloo, which calls at Staines.

These are also the only trains on the Staines-Windsor Line.

So if, there are four tph on a Crossrail service from Heathrow to Staines, as  I talked about in Heathrow Southern Railway’s Plans For Staines, then that only raises the frequency of the  trains on the Southern part of the Staines-Windsor Line to six tph.

In his article about the Heathrow Southern Railway in the December 2016 Edition of Modern Railways, Chris Stokes says this.

With the addition of a chord at Staines, it would also be potentially possible to operate a half-hourly Weybridge – Virginia Water – Egham – Terminal 5 service, providing a further attractive local link to Heathrow.

If this service were to be added, that only raises the frequency to eight tph.

I suspect that if modern signalling techniques were applied, that the capacity of this route would be above this frequency.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Station

I doubt there will be any problems of capacity at Heathrow Terminal 5 station.

The station has been built with two Piccadilly Line and four heavy rail platforms.

This map from, shows the platform layout.


  1. It would appear there are only two heavy rail platforms in use.
  2. Through trains would use these currently in use platforms.
  3. The two spare platforms could be arranged, so that they could handle a terminating train from either direction.
  4. The terminating platforms can probably handle four tph or even six tph.
  5. The through platforms can handle well over ten tph, with the right signalling.

Someone seems to have got the design right.

The Future Of Heathrow Express

In his Modern Railways article, Chris Stokes says this about services from Woking to Heathrow.

We have assumed half-hourly services from Basingstoke and Guildford to Heathrow and Paddington, providing a 15-minute frequency from Woking, with stops at Farnborough Main (Basingstoke services), Working, Terminal 5, Terminal 2 and 3 and Old Oak Common.

He also says that this service could take over the Heathrow Express paths and it would use the through platforms at Heathrow Terminal 5 station.

This arrangement has several advantages.

  • Heathrow Express doesn’t terminate in the tunnels under Terminal 5.
  • No new train paths between Heathrow and Paddington are required
  • Heathrow Express gets  new destinations without any expensive new infrastructure.

But it would appear that Heathrow Express may have a future.


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