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New Overground Trains For Gospel Oak To Barking line Delayed… By Three Months

The title of this post is the same as that, of this article in the Islington Gazette.

Various reasons are given.

  • The Bridge at Crouch Hill station.
  • Delays in testing the overhead wires.
  • Software problems on the trains.
  • TfL are awaiting trains for driver training.

Network Rail and TfL are apparently blaming each other.

There has been some very bad planning and design on the updating of the Gospel Oak to Barking Line.

  • Crouch Hill bridge should have been rebuilt earlier.
  • Some of the overhead gantry supports were built to wrong dimensions.
  • Some of the project planning seems optimistic with hindsight.

Would I also be right in thinking, that the process of introducing the new trains could have been better handled?

Or is it just, that the idea was to get the Geospel Oak to Barking Line working first and run perhaps a couple of Class 710 trains on the line for the following purposes.

  • Give a thorough testing of all systems.
  • Accumulate certification mileage.
  • Training of drivers.

This would appear to be what happened with Crossrail’s Class 345 trains, which could be seen shuttling up and down between Stratford and Shenfield stations for a couple of months in the middle of the day, before they were allowed to carry fare-paying passengers.

Perhaps, the testing of the trains and initial training of the drivers should have been planned for the Northern section of the Watford DC Line, where the same dual-voltage 710/2 variant of the trains will eventually be deployed.


It would all have been so much different, if the electrified railway had been delivered on the original target date that according to Wikipedia, would have allowed the new trains to run in early 2018.



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  1. Close in your recommendation, but I think you’ll find it was the decision to avoid bridge replacement in Walthamstow that has caused the pertinent problem.

    Line is still untested in cutting under bridge70, and the survey for bridge 14 was carried out in 2012.

    76 contractors on the shortest backwater job ever on nr books.

    Up to Blackhorse road (ferry lane) is tested. Likewise other side of Leyton is tested.

    We knew that the c710 would be late, but to blame incorrect design is pure nonsense.

    I’ve seen them battle away removing masts, gantries, re setting ole s 2 five times and ripping up the track 3 times in order to squeeze under 16 over structures between Queens road (beginning of the cut) to Pretoria avenue (end of the cutting).

    Suddenly we move from spring to summer, but even with that window of opportunity, I wouldn’t expect any magic there.

    Not sure if you replied to any of my posts, mails, texts, etc, but keep up the good work!


    Comment by Russell | April 27, 2018 | Reply

  2. […] the rumours that I talked about in New Overground Trains For Gospel Oak To Barking line Delayed… By Three Months, would seem to be […]

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