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Exploring Metrovalencia

Metrovalencia is a Metro, that uses both trains and trams with a proportion of the network in tunnels.

I took these pictures.

It is in many ways, a typical modern Metro with good and sometimes spectacular architecture, spacious, clear trains and a ticketing system, that relies on a plastic card.

To my mind there are two major problems.

It Doesn’t Go To The City Of Arts And Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences, is a place that many tourists want to see.

But the Metrovalencia doesn’t go there and I couldn’t find how to get there from the information at various stations.

It would be as if the London Underground didn’t go to Stratford or the Manchester Metrolink didn’t go to Salford Quays.

Finding Stations Is Difficult

Valencia doesn’t have a way-finding system and finding the stations of the Metro can be difficult. Unlike say Berlin, Bilbao, London, Stockholm and many other cities, where stations have a big logo or feature, you can see from a couple of hundred metres, you can walk past stations without seeing them.

I walked a lot farther than I intended to.

The map I had was one that came with my good value 48-hour travel card, which cost eighteen euros.

It wasn’t the easiest to understand, as there was no symbols for Metro stations on the map.

The Citylink Trains Of The Metrovalencia

The Citylink trains of the Metrovalencia were built in Valencia in 2007 and are very different to their cousins; the tram-trains of Karlsruhe and Sheffield.

Sheffield is in blue, Karlsruhe in yellow and Valencia in white.

They are metre gauge, have larger bodies, are four or five cars long and I didn’t find one working as a tram-train.


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