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Premium Passport Control At Gatwick

By getting lost, I came across Premium Passport Control At Gatwick.

I’d already noticed the lengths of the queues for passport control, so by paying a fiver on my contactless card, I virtually walked at a brisk pace through passport control and security.

I shall certainly book it on my next flights through the airport.

Some will argue that everybody should get this level of service, but as the Gatwick web site says, the service is limited to fifty passengers per hour, just think how big, an area would be needed for the thousands of passengers per hour handled by the airport.

For me though, the service is ideal.

  • At seventy with a few health issues, standing in queues is a pastime I avoid.
  • As a coeliac, I often find food on board a flight is questionable to say the least, so having more time for perhaps something before I fly is an advantage.
  • I can afford the cost!
  • I like to time things as fast as possible.

I would improve the service in two ways.

A Yearly Pass

I do about ten flights a year out of the UK. If for say thirty pounds I could get Premium Passport Control both Outbound and Inbound, I would always fly through Gatwick, as it has flights to where I want to go.

A Duty Free By-Pass

I never buy any traditional duty-free products, although I might buy something in airport shops, like newspapers, snacks or toiletries.

So I would have an optional route straight into the main departure area, by-passing the slow lane through dDuty Free.


I think this will get better!

June 15, 2018 - Posted by | Transport | ,

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  1. Typical Home Office – provide an absolutely dire service and then charge people who need it £££ to get the service everyone should. Two passports ago I had to walk through renewal in Liverpool – took almost all day and then I had to go back the day after because they changed my birth date! Now as well as it taking ages, you have to pay a huge premium if you need continuity of passport for business purposes.

    Comment by Mark Clayton | June 20, 2018 | Reply

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