The Anonymous Widower

Did The Mounted Met Get Their Man?

Yesterday, around three in the afternoon, I went out to get three bottles of water for my Dyson Humidifier from the corner shop about a two hundred metres away at the junction of Southgate Road and the Balls Pond Road, which has a very advanced traffic-light system

I crossed Southgate Road on the zebra and all seemed quite, as I started to walk up towards the junction.

I then heard a lot of blue lights coming, so myself and a very tall and large black couple, stood back from the road to see what was up. As everybody does!

A scruffy individual with a backpack about thirty riding a high-powered motor-bike doing about sixty towards the lights, in a road, where the speed limit is twenty. He was followed by three Police motorcycles.

All four motor-cycles turned right at the lights and disappeared towards Dalston Junction.

Perhaps twenty second later, they all returned, as obviously the scruffy ride had done a U-turn. I last saw them disappearing towards Highbury & Islington station.

Afterwards, a couple of Police cars came through and then it all calmed down.

Did the Met got their man, in the traffic congestion at the station?

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