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Mobile Signals

When I was on the excursion on Gran Canaria, that I wrote about in A Tour Of Gran Canaria, I was getting an excellent mobile signal all the way, despite at times being amongst mountains that were nearly two thousand metres high.

Yesterday, I was in Victoria station and I was trying to use the Internet to find out, where my train left. The Internet signal was like one of Donald Trump’s speeches – utter tripe!

I think for reasons of safety, that all train stations and bus stops, should have a top-rated mobile signal.

Some years ago, the office at my stud in Newmarket had a dreadful signal.  So I pointed a parabolic aerial at the nearest mast and rebroadcast it in the office.

Problem solved!

If I was an MP, who won the right to put a Private Members Bill through Parliament, I would make it the law, that all bus stops and train stations had a mobile signal, of the same quality, I was receiving high up in the mountains of Gran Canaria.

Or are the Elite waiting until a fourteen-year-old girl is raped and murdered because she couldn’t phone her parents for a lift, after getting lost on her bicycle?


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The Evil Devices In Our Midst

I recommend that my readers, if there are any out there, read this article on the BBC, which is entitled ‘Smart’ home devices used as weapons in website attack.

It would appear that last Friday, that a company called Dyn suffered a denial of service attack. The attack and its effects is described in on Wikipedia.

The reasons behind the attack are still not clear and it could be in support for Wikileaks or in my mind just to prove it can be done.

But I doubt it will have any repercussions for the average John and Jenny, unless they want to buy something on eBay say!

To me, as someone who believes that in his day, he was a world-class programmer, I think that we haven’t seen anything like the end of evil minds working their wicked spells on the Internet.

Suppose you use an App to access your bank account or pay for your taxi on your phone.

How long before you’re sitting in a coffee shop, library or railway station, happily surfing the Internet and a message comes up on your phone, asking you to download the latest Taxi App say? Except that it won’t be!

You innocently download it and within minutes your bank account has been emptied or your credit card has been maxed out.

For that reason, I and other programmers I’ve spoken to, will never load an App that needs any financial information to my phone.

Any web site with your financial information, should only be accessed from a totally private connection.

We cannot be too careful.

When I started to use my American Express card for contactless payments, I noticed some strange payments without any recognisable name on my statement.

So I challenged them with Amex and they refunded them.

But they kept coming, until I realised that they were for a branch of a well-known store that had setup its tills wrongly.

In all this, Amex had been puzzled too and one of their security experts had talked to me. He told me that the level of fraud on contactless cards was less than they had expected, something which seems to have been confirmed by the lack of hard stories of fraud on contactless cards.

A policeman told me, that the limit of thirty pounds is not enough for the average card criminal, who like to deal in thirty thousand pounds a hit.

He also felt that as many contactless transactions are on CCTV, that intelligent criminals think they could be a Get Into Jail Quickly card.

As other more reliable payment methods like face recognition become more common, I feel that in the future, there will be no need to store any financial details on your phone, that can be hacked.

But until that happens, there will be no obvious financial details on my phone.

Certain details like passport number are hidden in the phone, in case of loss abroard.



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Are We Doing Enough To Combat The Real Terrorism Problem?

Over the years, I’ve met people in all walks of life that deal with terrorism and crime in general. So I like to think I have a good insight into it.

The United States will claim it hasn’t had any terrorist attacks since 9/11, but isn’t the dreadful attack on the congregation of the church in Charleston headlined in this BBC article as Charleston church shooting: Nine die in South Carolina ‘hate crime’, nothing more than a similar attack to the one on the innocent sunbathers in Tunisia.

The links between the two crimes are the twisted motivations of the perpetrators and the easy availability of guns, that can fire large numbers of bullets.

One of the reasons, we have not had a deadly gun attack in this country, since the Dunblane and Hungerford massacres, is that it is just too difficult to get a deadly weapon like a Kalashnikov in this country. I don’t think we’ve even had an incident in recent years involving such a gun, where perhaps gangs of drug dealers are settling an argument.

But are we doing enough to keep these deadly weapons out of the UK?

As an engineer with extensive knowledge of modern manufacturing techniques, I believe that it is now possible to create a workable machine gun, that was mainly created on one of the new industrial 3-D printers, with perhaps a few small metal parts smuggled through border controls. I should also say that I know of a manufacturer, who posts and receives specialist stainless steel parts through the post from all over the world.

After all, this report on the BBC describes how nutters in Texas have created a gun that fires using a 3-D printer.

I believe it won’t be long before someone creates a set of plastic parts, which when put around the working parts of an assault rifle create a gun that can be fired by any suicidal terrorist.

There is no defence against such a weapon getting onto the streets through this method.

I’m pretty sure that someone is working on doing it. Probably in the United States, where it seems that owning an assault rifle is something that many want to do. But then adding sense to the gun laws of the United States, is as difficult as making a serious alcoholic or heavy smoker see sense.

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A Stupid Burglar

This story is so funny, you’d think it was made up by someone like the Monty Python team.

A man who broke into a home in Minnesota last week was identified and arrested after he forgot to log out of his Facebook page on the victim’s computer.

I suppose it also highlights one of the dangers of Facebook.

On the other hand he might have wanted a nice bed in a cosy American prison.

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The Best Diplomatic Illness

It is being reported that because of illness to one of the Court staff, the Pistorius trial will be delayed until next Monday.

Hooray for him or her!

Any TV or radio station, that vowed to be a Pistorius-free zone, would get my eyes or ears!

It is not news, it’s a tragedy for all involved.

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Now That’s What I Call A Robbery!

I was once called one of the Top Ten programmers in the world and as that was before I wrote Artemis, it is a compliment to the guy who said it, that he spotted my talent early.

I’ve never attempted to steal any money using a computer, but I have certainly had a few ideas, that I’ve kept to myself, or used in the odd unpublished short story.  But this report on the BBC about how a series of cash machines were emptied, is completely unbelievable. Here’s the opening paragraphs.

Researchers have revealed how cyber-thieves sliced into cash machines in order to infect them with malware earlier this year.

The criminals cut the holes in order to plug in USB drives that installed their code onto the ATMs.

Interestingly, the crooks emptied the machines of the higher value notes first, so they could be away quickly.

This illustrates one of the big faults of the euro., compared to the pound.  There are so many large notes in circulation, that the currency is a criminal’s and a money launderer’s dream.  I don’t like large notes anyway!

I suspect it was an inside job, in that someone who worked for either the bank or the cash machine company was the guy behind it all.

But of course, these days, where software is produced under contract by those in far off countries, is it any wonder you get crimes like this?

I wound never put anything more than working petty cash into a bank or building society, as they’re all vulnerable to be taken out by a gang of clever hackers.

And they are a lot less vulnerable if all those in charge of the computer system and those who program it, are actually employed by the company.

Sadly, this is no longer always the case, as various calamities in the banking industry in the last few years has shown.

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Don’t Rob Banks, Because They’re Much Better At Robbing You!

This wonderful statement was made this morning by Justin Urquart Stewart on BBC Breakfast this morning, as he commented on a report saying bank robberies in the UK had dropped by 90% in the past decade.

Justin must be the nation’s most recognisable stockbroker. Or is he the only recognisable one?

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Ronnie Biggs

His death is definitely not news!

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Spain Is Becoming No Place To Hide For Criminals

The BBC is reporting this morning about Operation Captura, which is leading to the arrest of British criminals hiding in Spain and other places.

There is also this report on Sky.

We are obviously getting success in finding and locking up some of the worst of the worst.

But also this story appears on the BBC. Here’s the first paragraph.

A man wanted in connection with the murder of his 21-year-old wife in Bradford is believed to have left the country, police have said.

It is reported that he’s probably hiding in Pakistan.  I suppose that means, there is no chance he’ll be brought to justice.

We really must sort our relationship with that troubled state and especially, a minority of its citizens, who feel they can carry on, as they might in certain areas of their homeland.

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Thieves Target Sochi 2014

I found this story in the Moscow Times after being pointed to the thefts by the headline in The Times of Thieves Try To Scrap Winter Olympics. here’s the first paragraph of the story.

With less than three months left until the Winter Olympic Games, city authorities in Sochi are embroiled in a battle with an unexpected vice: the theft of manhole covers by metal scavengers.

Some 800 manhole covers were stolen in the last couple of weeks, most of them sold as scrap metal to any one of 20 recycling companies, city officials said.

I suppose President Putin is blaming gay thieves.

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