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When Did I Last Ride A Trolleybus?

The final leg of my descent from Mount Pilatus was a trolleybus from the walk down from the cable-car station to Lucerne station.

They are certainly a bit different to the ones I rode in London in the 1950s.

Trolleybus Ascending Jolly Butchers Hill in Wood Green

Will we see more trolleybuses in the future?

Londoners of my age, all have memories of trolleybuses.

  • They had faster acceleration than diesel buses.
  • They were generally reliable.

But they were sometimes a nightmare to turn round. Near where I live now, you can still see the wide junction between Southgate Road and Ardleigh Road where 641 trolleybuses turned at Mildmay Park.

But the development of battery technology and fast charging stations will mean that battery buses will be able to do the same trip without any wires.

The 641 trolleybus in North London was replaced by the 141 bus, which still runs regularly between London Bridge and Palmers Green.

It was the first route in London to be run using hybrid buses and will probably be one of the first long routes to be run by electric buses.


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Up And Down Pilatus

These pictures document my trip up the Pilatus Railway and then down to Lucerne by cable-car.


  1. I started from Alpnachstad station, which is about twenty minutes from Lucerne station.
  2. The round trip took just under two hours.
  3. It cost me half price of 36 CHF, with my Swiss Pass.

I probably went up rather too early in the day, as the views would have been better later on.

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