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The Bank Station Walbrook Entrance Opened Today

I was there at ten o’clock this morning to see the new Walbrook Entrance to Bank station open.

There are various features of the design that are excellent.

  • It looks like the entrance has been designed to be able to handle the full capacity of the uprated Waterloo & City Line, running higher capacity new trains with a higher capacity and possibly a higher frequency.
  • The stairs are wide and built to a standard, that will tempt  fit people to use them at busy times.
  • They will also be very safe in emergencies.
  • The route from the pedestrianised Walbrook to the gateline is clear and level, so it should handle very large numbers of passengers in safety.

It should be noted that those I spoke to, liked the entrance.


London and other cities need more entrances to subways and underground railways like this.

It must be one of the best in London, ranking alongside these stations on the Jubilee Line.

  • Canary Wharf
  • Canada Water
  • North Greenwich
  • Westminster

And the new entrances at Bond Street, Kings Cross St. Pancras and Victoria.


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  1. Give how the Waterloo and City Line tends to have a largely one way flow depending on rush hour then the provision of wide stairs allows for both escalators running in same direction especially UP in the morning rush hour with anyone entering the station at this time having the choice of lift or stairs to go down.

    If London is to get a modern underground especially on shallow parts of the network then combined entrances with over Station developments needs to be taken advantage of by Mayor of London and TFL a similar development above Euston Square Station provided step free access to westbound platform.

    Another scheme that looks close to completion is the rebuilding of Waterloo Station on York Road as part of Shell Centre development it’s a real shame that former Mayor Boris Johnson did not agree including lift access as part of this development!

    Comment by Melvyn | November 30, 2018 | Reply

    • I seem to remember reading, that the incorpation of the Eurostar platforms into the main station will also bring better connections to the Underground.

      I do think Waterloo has suffered from bad planning over the years. I’m certain that any half-decent railway manager could have devised a better Eurostar route to London, as building two stations instead of one, surely wasn’t the way to do it.

      Comment by AnonW | November 30, 2018 | Reply

      • The oddity at Waterloo is step free access is available to the southbound Bakerloo Line platform but it seems that as there are no step free stations south of Waterloo it’s not shown on Step Free Map . Despite the fact it’s still useful for those travelling to Waterloo from north of station and given Bakerloo Line ends only a couple of stations away at Elephant and Castle is still usable if a wheelchair user is prepared to travel south and then return north on same train.

        Providing step free access to northbound platform could be done via a ramped access !

        Given how Waterloo was chosen as destination for Eurostars with passengers with large amounts of luggage then it’s surprising that full step free access to all lines was not provided at that time .

        Comment by Melvyn | November 30, 2018

  2. […] One completed on Friday, when the new Bank Station entrance on Walbrook opened. […]

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