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It’s Not Just Drones We Should Worry About!

In The Private Thoughts of Engineers and Scientists, I talked about a discussion, I had with a chemist about the production of sarin gas.

His view was that if amateurs tried to make the deadly gas, there was a high chance, they’d kill themselves, but he had a better idea to cause havoc in a city, which I will not disclose.

I too, have a couple of non-lethal methods, that would bring an airport or a city to a standstill.

One idea is so simple, that I suspect many terrorists could think it up.

Again, I will not disclose my ideas, but they are probably just two of many.

In some ways, the success of the drones in closing Gatwick Airport will only encourage others to think of new ways to disrupt our lives.

We still don’t now, who were behind the Gatwick Airport drones, but there must be a long list of suspects.

  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Anti-Airport Protesters
  • Russia – It worked better than Novichok!
  • North Korea – Unlikely, as they don’t seem to have any spats with the UK.

One thing that may rule out a lot of groups, is that sophisticated high-performance drones are not cheap.

Other groups will be ruled out, because they want to kill hundreds of innocent people and a couple of drones are unlikely to do this.

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  1. Flying a drone into the engine of a departing plane would wreck the engine, probably cause an engine fire which could possibly bring the plane down killing 200 or so people. A terrorist’s delight. If they catch the culprits I wonder whether the police will try snd get them on terrorism charges? Much longer sentence.

    Comment by mauricegreed | December 21, 2018 | Reply

  2. It is a concern to me, since I live under the flight path of a major airport. Wonder if there will be copycat attempts, with people who may be less skilled than this drone handler at Gatwick. Although I have heard folk suggest they are doing for a change of headline news from Brexit.

    Comment by Liz P | December 21, 2018 | Reply

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