The Anonymous Widower

I Am A Twenty-Four Hour Person

I rose as usual at around five-thirty this morning and went through my normal routine.

  • I measured my weight and blood pressure. Incidentally, I weighed 61.8 Kg.
  • I checked my savings in Zopa and my bank account.
  • I did two dozen press-ups

Now I am on my first cup of tea of the day. I have also replied to a couple of e-mails.

I’ve been like this in one way or other since the 1970s, when I started programming Artemis.

In those pre-e-mail days, I would be on my computer writing code before six and generally only stopped writing code around ten at night having been writing on and off all day.

C would sometimes drag me off for some shopping or a visit to a pub or restaurant, but I worked very hard and was well rewarded.

Some would say my hours are unusual, but my father was the same. Memorably, he once mowed the lawn at two o’clock in the morning!


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  1. My husband is always up very early, long before me, and has been since I have known him. During a working week, he starts work between 4 and 5. He works from home, and says it is easier contrast in the quiet in the early mornings, with no phone calls, etc. When I worked I used to try and get in about 7.00 because I wasn’t disturbed and I could just get on with my work. Once it got to 9.30 and my staff started to come in it was bedlam. Now I am retired I am more of a night owl, although when the fatigue from the cancer hits I am early to bed and late to raise. Enjoy your Christmas, however you are spending it.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | December 25, 2018 | Reply

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