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Wake Up To Money – New Stations

I generally listen to this program on BBC Radio 5, before getting out of bed.

Today they asked for smaller ideas that would benefit, so I sent this message.

It costs around £10million to build a decent station on an existing railway line. We should be building tens of them to serve new developments and existing towns. Most new ones seem to be successful. James in Dalston

It was read out.

Various factors are also working in favour of new stations.

Successful New Stations

Success breeds success and there have been several examples of new station openings in the last decade, that have been very successful.

Other developments and existing towns want to have a similar success.

Innovative Design

Station design is getting better and more innovative, with features and modules cropping up all over the country.

Single-Platform Stations

Single-platform stations, like Cranbrook in Devon and Galashiels in the Borders, which both opened in recent years, have shown that single-platform stations are a more affordable alternative to an all-singing-and-dancing station with two platforms and an expensive step-free bridge.

New Trains With Fast Dwell Times

The new generation of trains like Aventras, Desiro Cities and Flirts are designed to slow from line speed, execute a station stop and get back to line speed, in a shorter time, than previous trains.

This has been achieved by.

  • Faster acceleration
  • Better braking
  • Level access between train and platform
  • Wide lobbies on trains
  • Better platform design
  • Walk-through trains
  • Better information on trains
  • Better staff organisation

Whereas a decade or two ago, an extra station stop would cause havoc with the timetable, it is now easier to add a stop at a new or existing station.

Developers Are Often In Favour

Developers seem to be moving away from a philosophy, that everybody using their office, commercial or housing development will come by car.

One developer told me, that you actually get a premium price if a housing development has its own train station.


I think that is very likely in the next few years, the number of new stations built will increase.

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  1. As towns/cities spread outwards with new housing etc there is a need for extra stations to serve these communities.

    Comment by mauricegreed | January 23, 2019 | Reply

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