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A Better News Day For New Trains

Yesterday, was a better news day for new trains, with articles with these headlines.

All are significant for passengers.

Class 710 Trains

The authorisation of the Class 710 trains is particular importance to me, as they will be running locally to where I live.

It will be a couple of months before they enter passenger service.

But the trains have mainly been delayed by software problems and now that appears to have been fixed and as there are twenty trains already built, I could see them entering service, as soon as drivers have been trained.

It should be noted that eight trains are needed for the Gospel Oak to Barking Line and six for the Watford DC Line, so if twenty have been built, I would expect that these two routes could be converted to the new trains by the summer.

Class 801 Trains

LNER’s Class 801 trains will be a significant introduction, as they will enable the cascade of the Mark 4 coaches to other operators, like Trains for Wales and East Midlands Railway.

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  1. there’s currently a unit in TPE livery sat in the sidings at Crewe, which I assume is this new Nova, along with a couple of units with Elizabeth Line livery. Quite what they’re doing in Crewe, I’m not sure, perhaps it was the only place they could find to park them 🙂

    Comment by Peter Robins | April 21, 2019 | Reply

  2. Trains have to do so many hours without a fault before they can enter service. I’ve seen them there and I suspect they are accumulating mileage at quiet times.

    We should have built another test track, so the new train backlog could be certified.

    Comment by AnonW | April 21, 2019 | Reply

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