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Sheffield Region Transport Plan 2019 – Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Sheffield’s plans for Doncaster Sheffield Airport are ambitious.

This is said in the report.

The airport’s proximity to the ECML offers a deliverable short term solution to accelerate the growth hub’s

Doncaster Council, the SCR and the airport’s owner the Peel Group are working alongside Network Rail and TfN to progress delivery of a new ECML station at the airport’s site, through just 4.5 miles of new track off the mainline and rejoining via the existing Doncaster – Lincoln Line running adjacent to the top of the runway.

This Google Map shows the Airport and its relationship to Doncaster.

Doncaster is in the North-West corner of the map and the Airport is in the South-East corner.

The Airport has one very long North South runway, which was a designated emergency field for the Space Shuttle, although it was never used.

This Google Map shows the Northern end of the runway and the Doncaster-Lincoln Line running East-West across the runway.

And this Google Map, shows the relationship between the East Coast Main Line (ECML) and the Airport.

The ECML runs diagonally across the Western side of this map, passing to the West of the Northern Racing School, with its oval track.

Looking at the map of the area, I feel that a loop from the ECML could have the following route from South to North.

  • Leave the ECML to the South of the Northern Racing School.
  • Pass through the Airport parallel to the runway.
  • Stop at a station connected to the terminal.
  • At the North of the Airport connect to the Doncaster-Lincoln Line.

I think the design could give a lot of scope for services to the Airport.

  • Up to four trains per hour between Doncaster and the South.
  • Up to four tram-trains per hour to and from Sheffield, via Doncaster and Rotherham.
  • Several freight service per hour.

I have clipped this map of services from the report on Sheffield’s plans.

Some points to note.

New Tram-Train Stops

The tram-train extension from Rotherham Parkgate to Doncaster Sheffield Airport via Doncaster has new stations at Lakeside, Bessacarr and terminates at a new station at Bawtry.

Bi-Directional Connection To The Doncaster-Lincoln Line

This is a sensible idea.

  • It gives a direct passenger route to and from most of Lincolnshire.
  • If the Airport develops a substantial air-freight business, it connects the airport to the freight route between Peterborough and Doncaster, that has recently been created to take freight trains from the ECML.

There is also plenty of space in the flat lands South of the Humber.


This is one line that will be electrified, so that the Class 800 trains can use the loop efficiently.

Electrification would also be used by the tram-trains.

The Tram-Trains Don’t Use The East Coast Main Line


  • Only when they are threading their way through South of Doncaster, will the tram-trains affect the express trains on the ECML.
  • The tram-trains may need to reverse at Doncaster.

But I suspect, Network Rail have a cunning plan to run everything efficiently.

Times To And From London And The South

A fast time between Kings Cross and Doncaster-Sheffield Airport is important, if the Airport is to tempt travellers along the ECML to use the Airport.

I reckon, that the following times will be possible.

  • London and DSA – 90 minutes
  • Peterborough and DSA – 50 minutes

Note that the second time is under half the time it takes to get from Peterborough to Heathrow or Gatwick.


Developing Doncaster Sheffield Airport seems like an excellent idea to me.


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