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A Gluten-Free Lunch From Pret a Manger

This picture shows my lunch today.

The gluten-free open sandwich came from Pret a Manger and the bottle of Adnams came from Marks and Spencer, a few doors away.

  • The outlet opened today and a manager confirmed that they have done gluten-free for some months.
  • They also have a tablet-based menu checker.
  • It will be very useful for me, if it does well in Dalston.
  • The beer may not be gluten-free, but my body says it is for me.
  • It was a good delicious lunch for me!

It brought back memories for me of many lunches in the Bull at Burrough Green, where I would regularly have a similar lunch in pre-coeliac days.

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  1. Most Pret’s up here are around the Arndale, but there is one in Selfridges food hall at Trafford Centre. I really go into Manchester now, I used to go each week when I was volunteering, but no long doing that. Trafford centre is usually a flying visit. Because my leukaemia makes me prone to catching everything going, I don’t often go to big shopping centres now. When I do it is at the very beginning or very end of the daily opening hours. There isn’t a photo in the post, what was in the open sandwich?

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | December 8, 2019 | Reply

    • I survived systemic workplace bullying under HR during bereavement in Pret, a company that successfully masquerades as ethical. Only after 2 customer deaths became public with a 3rd nearly fatal and several injured, does the public take a closer look.

      I write about what I survived and what others still go through.

      > <


      Comment by I Survived Pret A Manger | January 17, 2020 | Reply

      • Sorry to here your story. As a coeliac, I’m careful about allergies. Currently having a cuppa in a Leon

        Comment by AnonW | January 17, 2020

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