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Crossrail And Stratford Station

This map from shows the tangle of lines at Stratford station.

Note Maryland station in the North-East corner of the map.

  • The black lines and platforms are the fast lines
  • The blue lines and platforms are the slow lines used by Crossrail.

The Crossrail lines then curve round through Stratford calling in the following platforms.

  • Platform 5 for London-bound services.
  • Platform 8 for Essex-bound services.

Each Crossrail track is paired with a Central Line track, which are shown in red, in the same direction on an island platform.

These pictures show coming and going on the London-bound island.

Unfortunately, there were only old Class 315 trains running, when I took the pictures.

The layout used at Stratford is rarely used elewhere. Especially, as the layout  dates from probably the 1940s.


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  1. The extension of the Central Line was only built just before WWII and had to await the end of the war to open. It’s design incorporating cross platform interchange at Mile End Station with District/ Hammersmith and City lines and this cross platform interchange at Stratford Station were a revolution in their day and were only emulated when the Victoria Line was built in the 1960s. It’s a real shame that Crossrail’s stations did not include cross platform interchange in some of its central London stations thus improving interchange and removing restricted width central line platforms .

    I do wonder if with the recent three tracking and construction of new Station at Meridian Water whether the Overground services should be extended to Meridian Water creating new cross London services and an element of Crossrail 2 with direct link to Highbury and Islington Station long before crossrail 2 will do !

    One advantage of the layout at Stratford is if one arrives on the DLR from Canary Wharf one can walk through an arriving westbound Central Line train ( thanks to new platform) to reach TFL Rail westbound platform without resort to lifts or stairs! It’s a pity a complimentary platform has not been built for eastbound trains .

    Plans for Stratford include a new entrance next to the Jubilee Line platforms but longer term I reckon escalators to at least the Central Line / Elizabeth Line platforms .

    Comment by Melvyn | December 10, 2019 | Reply

    • You can’t get cross-platform interchange in many Central Line stations in Central London, as the stations were squeezed in between the buildings. But it would be nice. Certainly in Oxford Streer, the best thing you do would be to pedestrianised it and make good walking routes between Crossrail and central Line stations.

      As to your suggestion of Meridian Water and Highbury & Islington, I think it more likely that the High MeadsLoop will be brought into service and turn perhaps 10 tph on the West Anglia Main Line.

      Comment by AnonW | December 11, 2019 | Reply

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