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The Definitive Hydrogen Train

There is only one hydrogen-powered train in service and that is the Alstom Coradia iLint, which is running in Germany.

I feel it is very much an interim design, as Alstom has taken a diesel-mechanical Lint train and swapped the diesel for a hydrogen-powered electricity generator and an electric motor.

Alstom are converting electric Class 321 trains into a hydrogen-powered version called Breeze.

A typical train would be three cars. The visualisation shows one of the two driver cars, that contain a large hydrogen tank behind the cab.

Between the two driver cars would be a trailer car.

Using Electrification

Nothing has been disclosed yet, but it would surely be easy to allow this hydrogen train to keep its pantograph on the trailer car and be able to use electrification if it is installed.

This would increase the range of the train and might allow a version with a smaller hydrogen tank and a greater passenger capacity.

Charging Batteries

In a definitive hydrogen-powered train, which had been designed from scratch to use hydrogen, I could envisage, that the batteries could also be charged, when the train is connected to either electrification or a charging station.

A Smart Computer

The train would have a very smart computer, which would do the following.

  • Manage the various power sources.
  • Choose the appropriate source for the route, weather, passenger load, fuel and battery levels.
  • Raise and lower the pantograph automatically.
  • Control the trains systems to minimise electricity use.

This is little different to many trains, built in the last few years.


The definitive hydrogen-powered train will be a battery-electric-hydrogen hybrid train.

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