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Should Campaigning Against Vaccination Be Made A Crime Against Humanity?

Boris is reported today on the BBC and in The Times, as saying that a coronavirus vaccine is the only way we will win.

Boris is totally right!

We will not be safe until everybody is vaccinated. Vaccination has virtually conquered diseases like smallpox, polio and measles.

Perhaps campaigning against vaccination, should be a crime against humanity!

I live in Hackney, where there is a lot of measles, caused by people being against the MMR vaccine. Will these idiots accept a vaccine for Covid-19?


May 4, 2020 - Posted by | Health | , ,


  1. Antivaxxerss are almost all clueless about these diseases, because they will have vaccines themselves as children, and not had the diseases themselves, or herd immunity has lessened spread – which it has until very recently. Some of the diseases are horrible – measles isn’t nice at all I remember my old daughter had it just before MMR. My girls were vaccinated against everything possible – including TB which they had a birth. I had to threaten to call the Race relations Board when they said she couldn’t have it because she white, only the “Pakistani” babies needed it. But she got the vaccination.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | May 4, 2020 | Reply

  2. This video should be replicated ( ) with the antivaxers in place of the dolls without the plexi-glass (and pro vaxers behind the glass) and with rotten eggs !!!
    Maybe then they would understand why you need vaccinations…

    Comment by Daniel Altmann | May 15, 2020 | Reply

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