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High Speed Rail Link To Lift Baltic Economies By Up To 0.6 Per Cent

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Emerging Europe.

This is the first two paragraphs.

A major new report from Swedbank, a Nordic-Baltic banking group based in Stockholm, Sweden, claims that the construction of a high speed rail link between the Estonian capital Tallinn and Lithuania’s border with Poland could lift GDP in each of the three Baltic states by between 0.2 and 0.6 per cent.

In addition to the direct economic impact in terms of public investment and jobs, the ambitious project will also help the region meet its environmental goals and bring in new technology and know-how.

The article is a must-read and has left me thinking, what will High Speed Two do for the UK?

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  1. the project’s website is at The Baltic nations have a similar problem to Spain in that their current rail network is broad (‘Russian’) gauge. Obvious differences with HS2 are that it’s oriented to international connections, largely funded by the EU, and seems to be keeping reasonably well to budget 🙂

    Comment by Peter Robins | June 23, 2020 | Reply

  2. I have been to North-East Poland and the roads are clogged with heavy goods traffic between Poland and the Western EU and the Baltic States.

    The only objectors to Rail Baltica seems to be President Putin and his lackeys, as they feel it should be built to Russian gauge.

    They should embrace it, as it would improve the economies of Russia in the area, by just having a connection to Konigsberg or as the Russians call it Kaliningrad.

    Comment by AnonW | June 23, 2020 | Reply

  3. Kaliningrad already has a standard gauge connection into Poland.I went there on a railtour in 1993.
    There used to be a stockpile of standard gauge steam locomotives on the line I believe ready for any planned invasion of Europe.There also used to be regular passenger trains across the Polish border but I think these have now stopped but apparently there are bus connections.

    Comment by Hugh Steavenson | June 23, 2020 | Reply

    • We were on Kaiser Bill’s old hunting estate and we could have walked across the border. No wire or too many signs.

      Comment by AnonW | June 23, 2020 | Reply

    • AIUI, if you want to go from Poland to Kaliningrad by train, you have to go via Minsk.

      Comment by Peter Robins | June 23, 2020 | Reply

      • Minsk is a city that is worth a visit, as the people are friendly. I went to see England play Belarus and it was a very good trip. Even the Police were friendly lifting local kids over the fence onto the England fans so they could say hello and hgetvprogrammes signed.

        Comment by AnonW | June 23, 2020

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