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‘Build Greener’ You Say Boris? Got It. Just Say The Word, We’re Ready Here In North West England

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on H2 View.

The article is written by Cadent‘s Network Director for the North West and what she says is a must-read.

July 13, 2020 - Posted by | Energy, Hydrogen | , ,

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  1. To adopt hydrogen gas we would have to have a whole new gas conversion project, as when town gas went to natural gas. Not all appliance are suitable for hydrogen burning. The CV of hydrogen is less than natural gas, so, maybe higher gas pressures are needed to get the gas through faster.

    Hydrogen produces water, so fine for existing condensing boilers which need a drain. Many appliances will need replacing. Who pays?

    So far so good, zero emissions.

    With so much hydrogen gas needed where the energy coming from to produce the gas?

    All new homes need to be far higher insulation stand to the point only a small heating system is needed, or none at all. The heating can be via electricity – zero emissions at end use.

    Burning gas in homes is old hat. The idea of producing hydrogen gas is filled with inefficiencies. That is besides the safety aspect of gas in homes.

    The real problem is in burning oil fuels in vehicles in urban areas, where millions of lungs are exposed to the filth in the air. Diesel burning needs banning pretty well much immediately. The fallout also blackens buildings. That is the priority, to get rid of oil burning ASAP. In comparison natural gas a very clean fuel. Natural gas does need replacing, but last on the list.

    Hydrogen is fine in large vehicles like: trucks, buses, trains and ships. HMG needs to ramrod to get hydrogen into these vehicles pretty well much immediately.

    Comment by John | July 14, 2020 | Reply

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