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New Measurement Train – 30th July 2020

Whilst I was at Westbury station today, the New Measurement Train arrived.

It is the first time, that I’ve been up close enough to take pictures.

With all the spare InterCity 125 trains at present, will Network Rail create a second train?

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  1. Why do they need to create a 2nd train? This one is fully utilised on a 4 weekly cycle. They have spare power cars if necessary. And also there are various other test trains that cover other areas of the network, where this one is not required.

    Comment by Andrew Bruton | July 31, 2020 | Reply

  2. I feel there are several reasons, why the scope of the train’s uses will increase.

    1. If you read various magazines and Wikipedia, there are always hints that the team behind the train are developing new technologies to inspect parts of the infrastructure like Pandrol clips and electrification.

    2. Video technology is getting better and this could develop, a whole series of inspection applications.

    3. There will be increasing amounts of electrification, that need to be inspected.

    4. The train already checks Network Rail’s digital network and this could be an increasingly important application.

    And then there is High Speed Two. High speed lines need full inspection and the NMR already inspects High Speed One, so I think it is likely, that a similar train will be needed, just to inspect High Speed Two.

    Comment by AnonW | July 31, 2020 | Reply

    • For HS2, I wonder if they could embed measuring equipment into the in service passenger trains, with ongong miniaturisation, and offload the data with high speed wifi at termini. Maybe different tests in different train sets

      Comment by MilesT | July 31, 2020 | Reply

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