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Carnot – Is This The Next Generation Of Hydrogen Technology?

I first heard about Carnot on the crowdfunding site I use.

On this page on their web site, they talk about disruptive technology and say this.

The off-grid energy and long-haul transport sectors, unregulated until the last decade, must be net zero by 2050. Battery technology is unsuitable due to cost and weight. Hydrogen technology is considered to be the only viable solution to decarbonising these sectors. Carnot power units will have greater efficiency, lower total cost of ownership and greater range, reliability and durability than fuel cells. They are the key to unlocking a hydrogen future while minimising the impact to supply chains.

I have put a bet of a grand on this company, just in case it does turn out to be the next generation of hydrogen technology.

October 11, 2020 - Posted by | Energy, Hydrogen, Transport/Travel |

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