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How Covids-Unfriendly Is A Class 345 Train?

These pictures show Crossrail’s Class 345 trains.


  1. This example was a nine-car train going to Heathrow.
  2. It is 205 metres long and can carry 1500 passengers.
  3. As with most London Underground trains, most of the passengers sit longitudinally.
  4. Having watched people on these trains several times in the last few weeks and feel that the design encourages social-distancing

But there are other big advantages, when it comes to suppressing the virus.

  1. Each car has three sets of sliding doors on each side, which is more than most trains. As the lobbies on the train are spacious, does this help the maintaining of social-distancing, when entering and leaving the train.
  2. The trains are walk-through, so if you end up with a car, that is full of mask deniers, it is easy to move.
  3. The trains have full air-conditioning, which should reduce the amount of virus in the air.

I hope Transport for London are watching the statistics for the covids, to see if they go up or down, as more new trains are introduced on Crossrail routes.

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  1. Don’t disagree but not sure TfL agree as they perpetuate the 315’s on the LST-SNF services? oh and thats before the cash strapped TfL are paying leases on 70 345 units half of which sit idle at Old Oak Common along with 20 315’s? Oh and your man Khan now says don’t us public transport!!

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | October 15, 2020 | Reply

    • I have no choice but to use public transport to get to the shops or the GP, as I can’t drive legally, after a stroke ruined my eyesight. I actually have a garage and no car.

      He’s not my man Khan and here in North London, many people want the next Mayor to be from the North. Khan needed to cut the buses, after his bribe of a fare freeze to get elected and he cut them mainly in the North.

      I suspect, if he’d cut them in the South, his friends would have complained.

      Comment by AnonW | October 15, 2020 | Reply

      • Apologies not your man specifically a colloquially term. Your point being very eloquently made and being reinforced by public transport operators around the world yet Khan disregards despite he himself says how safe it is.

        Comment by Nicholas Lewis | October 15, 2020

  2. My late wife was a lawyer and my son is one too. Just like Khan and Starmer. Get all of them on a technical subject and most are out of their depth. At least my son and my wife ask or used to ask for my opinion, at least occasionally.

    Comment by AnonW | October 15, 2020 | Reply

  3. Can you follow me please 🙏🏻

    Comment by cemilefiliztek | October 16, 2020 | Reply

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