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Covid-19 Vaccination On The Island Of Ireland

Every day, The Times publishes a table of how many people in various countries have been vaccinated against the Covids.

Today’s figures included.

  • UK – 11 %
  • Ireland – 3 %

Out of curiosity, I calculated today’s figure for Northern Ireland. It was 10.4 %.

As the people of Ireland form a rich pattern of families, commerce and employment on both sides of the border, will these figures cause tensions in the Republic?

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  1. Tensions between NI and the Republic; that would be a thing. And so unlike the harmonious relationship Britain has with the EU over vaccines!

    There’s an odd story doing the rounds in France that people have died after having the vaccine in Ireland. Where this piece of fake news came from I have no idea but I haven’t heard about any problems with vaccination in the Republic.

    The French do appear to be abnormally sceptical about the vaccines. Even Pres Macron seems dubious about AstraZenica’s jab. However, a shortage of evidence that a vaccine is effective in over-65s is not at all the same thing as solid proof that said vaccine is INeffective in that age group.

    The equivalent of the French here in the UK are black and Asian communities, and it’s really worrying that GPs are reporting over 50% are rejecting the jab. I’m not sure what PHE are doing to try to combat the misinformation. The government’s Covid website isn’t a great deal of help, unfortunately.

    Comment by Stephen Spark | January 29, 2021 | Reply

    • The French do seem to have a strange attitude to vaccines. On the BBC Six O’Clock News, the BBC’s Health Correspondent praised the British people in how they had got involved in various trials.I’d be interested to know, how British volunteers compared to the French.

      As to the black and Asian communities in the UK, it is a problem and I try to do my bit to persuade them, when the subject comes up.

      Yesterday, after my jab, I went to M & S. The cheery black security guard, asked how I was, as he does with everybody, so I told him, I’d just had the jab. We talked about it for a minute or so. But that was preaching to the converted! On the other hand, I regularly buy a takeaway breakfast in a fast-food shop and the manager there is very dubious about having the jab. She is a typical personable black lady, who runs a good outlet, so I feel, I can wind her up a bit!

      Perhaps, when we have had our jabs, we should be more evangelical about it!

      Comment by AnonW | January 29, 2021 | Reply

      • Yes, indeed; agree completely. A friend is going with his group to play steelpan outside a vaccination centre in west London in an attempt to lure some of the older Caribbean people there. The same tactic did get Notting Hill Carnival started so you never know, it might work on those with long memories!

        If there wasn’t a lockdown we could hold ‘jab parties’ for the newly vaccinated… (There again, a ‘jab jab’ is a devil in Trinidad, so maybe not in Notting Hill!)

        Comment by Stephen Spark | January 29, 2021

  2. I think you’d have to search for a long time, to find someone, who doesn’t like a well-played steel-band. I also suspect that steel-bands can be setup to be socially-distanced and as there is no wind instruments, they should be very unlikely to be spreaders if setup in the right places. Your friend ought to tell the BBC. It might get people to have a jab.

    I don’t think anybody would object to a pressure group called Steelbands Against Coronavirus.

    Comment by AnonW | January 29, 2021 | Reply

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