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Is Qatar 2022 Seriously Under Threat?

For various reasons, I’m not in favour of holding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

I am not alone and summed up Greg Dyke’s views in Greg Dyke On Qatar 2022, where I came to this conclusion.

I think the whole tournament is already dead-in-the-water and that it probably won’t take place in Qatar. If it does, it will be in fully-enclosed air-conditioned stadia, with virtually no spectators and absolutely no real fans or atmosphere.

The air-conditioned stadia will probably use masses of electricity generated in fossil fuel power stations.

This article on the BBC is entitled Christian Eriksen: Denmark Midfielder Suffered Cardiac Arrest, Says Team Doctor.

Was Eriksen’s cardiac arrest caused by the heat in Copenhagen?

We shall probably not know until the full investigation has been completed.

Now put yourself in the position of an owner of a Premier League or other important football club.

Would you allow your star player to go and play in the heat of Qatar without a full investigation into what happened with Christian Eriksen?

I suspect many owners would tell Qatar and FIFA, where they could stick their World Cup.

They just can’t afford to risk their assets!



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  1. Not sure where that Greg Dyke quote came from, the original link is broken and I can find no record of that quote elsewhere. Given it references a summer tournament, it was presumably made quite some time ago.

    The stadia won’t all be indoors, but they’ll all be air conditioned using technology that supposedly keeps the pitch and stands cool, but doesn’t waste energy cooling the rest of the volume.

    Even without such a system, the daily average temperature in Doha is 25 degrees in November and 20 degrees in December, comparable to Rome in June/July and cooler than many other European cities in the summer. That’s very warm, yes, but everyone seems satisfied with the conditions planned and I doubt the Erikson incident will change that.

    I also can’t imagine a world in which clubs are preventing players from playing for their country because of the health risks, when even without air-con the temperatures will be similar to southern Europe in the summer and players regularly play in those conditions.

    I’m in no way a fan of Qatar hosting the World Cup, it’s a scandal and a joke, but it’s done now and stripping them of the tournament just a year before isn’t realistic.

    And whilst I agree that the energy use and carbon footprint of this World Cup will be astronomical, they have committed to be carbon neutral (something which I doubt 2026 will achieve) and hopefully many of the stadiums will be recycled as planned. By far the biggest carbon cost will come from the embodied carbon of building the stadiums and infrastructure- far more than the energy they’ll use to run the relatively-short event.

    Comment by JMO | June 15, 2021 | Reply

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