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Is Qatar 2022 Seriously Under Threat?

For various reasons, I’m not in favour of holding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

I am not alone and summed up Greg Dyke’s views in Greg Dyke On Qatar 2022, where I came to this conclusion.

I think the whole tournament is already dead-in-the-water and that it probably won’t take place in Qatar. If it does, it will be in fully-enclosed air-conditioned stadia, with virtually no spectators and absolutely no real fans or atmosphere.

The air-conditioned stadia will probably use masses of electricity generated in fossil fuel power stations.

This article on the BBC is entitled Christian Eriksen: Denmark Midfielder Suffered Cardiac Arrest, Says Team Doctor.

Was Eriksen’s cardiac arrest caused by the heat in Copenhagen?

We shall probably not know until the full investigation has been completed.

Now put yourself in the position of an owner of a Premier League or other important football club.

Would you allow your star player to go and play in the heat of Qatar without a full investigation into what happened with Christian Eriksen?

I suspect many owners would tell Qatar and FIFA, where they could stick their World Cup.

They just can’t afford to risk their assets!



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US Man Faces Jail In Thailand Over Hotel Review

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

I suggest that before you visit Thailand, you read the article.

After reading, the article, I moved Thailand onto my never visit list, alongside Iran and North Korea.

How can a country have such a stupid legal system?

It’s all rather strange really, as I’ve had nothing but kindness and courtesy from all the Thais I have met.

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Clooney Calls For Brunei Hotels Boycott Over Brunei LGBT Laws

The title of this post is the same as that article on the BBC.

Isn’t it about Islam and some of its adherents realisae that we now live in a modern world, where everyone has human rights!

Will I be following George Clooney’s boycott?

Of course, just like I don’t visit countries that regularly use the death penalty or have obscene  human rights policies.


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Labour’s Instinct Is To Control Our Lives

In an article discussing the identity of the psychotic moron, who beheaded the unfortunate James Foley, there is this insert.

Yvette Cooper, Labour’s shadow home secretary, said those returning from fighting in the Middle East should be forced to take part in compulsory de-radicalisation programmes, even if they cannot be charged with a criminal offence.

It may be a popular policy, but where does it end?  Will those who leave Oxford, who have joined the Bullingdon Club, be re-educated. And what about Malky Mackay and Iain Moody?

Let’s face it, one of the reasons we’re in this dangerous mess is because of Tony Blair’s continuous licking of Dubya’s arse.

I cdertainly wouldn’t trust the Labour Party, with anything. I doubt they could organise a piss-up in a brewery!


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Are Boko Haram Just Psychotic Male Chauvanist Pigs

I’ve just watched John Simpson’s report from north eastern Nigeria on the BBC.

I’m left with the thoughts that led me to write this post.

I’ve read extensively about Islam and can’t see how any of Boko Haram’s actions have anything to do with the religion.

In fact, in the early days of Islam, women were equal and over the centuries education has been a large part of the religion. In fact, but for early Islamic scholars and thinkers, we wouldn’t have the mathematics we have today.

Boko Haram are just thugs and should feel the full force of all right-thinking people in Nigeria and the wider world.

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How To Announce Yourself

As I went through Peterborough on the train yesterday to Leeds, I noticed a couple of law firms in offices by the station. I’m reminded of a little event.

C’s chambers had a satellite office in the city and one day at this time of year, they were having a Christmas party after work.  Our son, a trainee solicitor at the time, was also doing some business in the area on the same day, had a legal problem and thought he might find some help and expertise at the party. So he walked in and said.

Does anybody know how to write a writ for habeus corpus?

And that is how one of the oldest tenets in English law; habeus corpus and our son, made their presence felt at a Christmas party in the twenty-first century.

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The Can Of Worms That Is Leveson

Shami Chakrabarti would not generally be considered a friend of newspapers and big business, as she is the director of Liberty.

But read this article on the BBC’s web site about her views on Leveson. She feels that any legislation on the press as posed by the enquiry could get entangled in the Human Rights Act.

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Frank Gardner On Risk Profiling

Frank Gardner has written an article about  risk profiling software for the BBC web site. He writes it with respect to terrorism, but buried in the article is this piece.

He says South Korean Customs, which have bought the programme, report a 20% higher detection rate of illegal goods.

That is just good use of data mining software, to identify the source of illegality.

There are so many applications for this type of software, such as in healthcare, road safety, crime, product failures from televisions and vehicles to large projects, that generally all we will see is a much better lifestyle.

Only in a few areas will there be any cause for concern about human rights.

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Jimmy Carter Attacks Obama over Human Rights

Jimmy Carter has attacked Barack Obama over human rights and especially assassination of possible terrorists using drone attacks.  It’s here in the Independent.

I’ve always felt that Jimmy got a bad hand, when he was US President and is seriously underrated. On the other hand, Barack Obama is proving one of the most disappointing Presidents, I have witnessed.  And I go back to Ike!

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Good Riddance Kim Jong-il

Is there anything else to say after his death?

Except possibly the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

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