The Anonymous Widower

A Lump Near My Liver

In A Mysterious Attack On My Body, I explained how I ended up in the Royal London hospital after my hand stopped working, probably due to an infection.

A couple of weeks afterwards my GP called me in to the surgery and repeated the blood tests on my liver, as the first taken in the hospital, weren’t quite what they should be!

These blood tests didn’t show the improvement they should have done, so I went to Homerton Hospital for an ultrasound on my liver.

This didn’t satisfy the GP, so he arranged for a CT-Scan at Homerton hospital.

After the scan, but before the results were known I saw a consultant, who told me about the lump.

He said it could be benign or something nasty and hopefully after he reviews the CT-Scan next week, we’ll know.

He said an endoscopy will probably sort out what it is!

The weird thing, is that, I’m not in any pain.

Except that is, for the lower back pain, I’ve had since I was about twenty.

As I can never sit comfortably in a car and my mother told me, my spine turns the wrong way, that probably explains that.

When I’m working at the computer, about every half-hour, I lie flat on my back on the floor and that seems to sort it.

Why did I get such an odd body?

Any advice gratefully accepted.

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  1. Hi James

    Firstly, I hope the lump near your liver is benign, and nothing to worry about. It is isn’t benign, then since you are well, it is likely to be a primary tumour; primary liver tumours are fairly easy to treat.

    As for why you got such an odd body, what is your family history like? I have one line which has what are effectively cousin marriages going back several hundred years. Villages close together, the pool for spouses can become small. I have allergies, am coeliac, and various other odd things, including anaphylaxis. Another line, all from villages within a couple of miles of each other, have coeliac disease, and many develop other bowel disorders, including bowel cancer- going back to my 3x great grandparents, a high percentage have something such as their as a cause of death on their death records.

    Take care, hop all goes well for you

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | July 4, 2021 | Reply

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