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Was This The Most Significant Statement On Freight Locomotives Last Week?

This press release from Freightliner, is entitled Freightliner Secures Government Funding For Dual-Fuel Project.

The dual-fuel project is important and will cut carbon emissions in the short term.

But it is only a quick fix, made possible by good technology.

It is also not zero-carbon.

This sixth paragraph from the press release is very significant.

This sustainable solution will support a programme to decarbonise freight operating companies’ diesel fleets in a cost-efficient manner that does not require significant short-term investment and facilitates operational learning in support of a longer-term fleet replacement programme, potentially using 100% hydrogen fuel.

I believe the paragraph indicates, that Freightliner and possibly the other companies involved in the building and operation of heavy freight locomotives have concluded, that the technology is now such, that a zero-carbon rail locomotive powered by 100 % hydrogen is now possible.

  • Rolls-Royce and possibly other gas-turbine companies have the technology to build small gas-turbine powered generators that can produce several megawatts of reliable electrical zero-carbon power, when fuelled by hydrogen.
  • We are seeing companies developing strategies for the safe supply of hydrogen in large industrial quantities.
  • Hydrogen has been successfully deployed on buses, trains and other large vehicles.
  • The technology has been proven that will allow dual-mode hydrogen-electric locomotives, that can use electrification, where it exists.
  • Some big companies like Cummins, JCB and Shell are backing hydrogen.

There are thousands of large diesel-powered locomotives all over the world and locomotive builders that can successfully replace these with hydrogen-powered locomotives will not go financially unrewarded!

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  1. Roger Ford in Modern Railways July (p29) poses the question “how clean is your hydrogen?”, pointing out that its production produces more CO2 than diesel. The only solution – one that needs to be implemented as a matter of urgency – is electrification.

    Comment by Stephen Spark | July 11, 2021 | Reply

    • Much of the hydrogen produced in the UK is green hydrogen produced using electrolysis. The electrolysers are built in the world’s largest electrolyser factor at ITM Power in Sheffield.

      Hydrogen will also produced offshore. Redundant gas rigs will be used to collect electricity from floating wind farms and convert the electricity into hydrogen, which will be sent to shore using existing gas pipelines.

      I discussed this in detail in this post.

      Do BP And The Germans Have A Cunning Plan For European Energy Domination?

      Comment by AnonW | July 11, 2021 | Reply

  2. […] Was This The Most Significant Statement On Freight Locomotives Last Week?, I referred to this press release from Freightliner, which is entitled Freightliner Secures […]

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