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Birth Of The East West Main Line

Today, the East West Rail Consortium has changed its name to the East West Main Line Partnership.

The home page on the new web site, is emblazoned with this headline.

Championing The Ambition For East West Rail

This mission statement is then given.

The East West Main Line Partnership (previously the East West Rail Consortium) is led by local authorities and works closely with sub-national transport bodies, LEPs, government and its agencies to realise the vision for an East West Main Line.

It is followed by six main areas of interest.

Delivery Of Oxford-Cambridge

The Partnership will continue to work with government and the East West Railway Company to support delivery of Oxford-Cambridge (including Aylesbury-Milton Keynes) at the earliest opportunity.

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Coast-To-Coast Connectivity

For East West Rail to realise its full potential, direct services must extend beyond Oxford-Cambridge. Its potential should truly be ‘coast to coast’ – from Norfolk and Suffolk to Bristol and South Wales.

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North-South Connectivity

It is important to recognise that East West Rail is not just about improving east-west connectivity: it is integral to improving connectivity across the country.

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Interchange And Strategic Transport Hubs

The East West Main Line’s potential to connect to services on other main lines is significant. Frictionless interchange is required for onward rail journeys and to other modes.

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A 21st Century Main Line

The East West Main Line should reflect the 21st century communities it serves. It must be an exemplar for its high-quality standards of design, construction and operation.

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Greater use of rail for freight and logistics provides additional resilience for the business community, while also supporting the need to achieve net zero.

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It has to be remembered that the original driving force for the East West Rail Consortium was Ipswich Borough Council.

This new direction is a bold vision and it has the spirit of East Anglia written all over it.

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  2. If it is a main line then it should have overhead electrification, be designed for 140 mph and built to withstand a 1 in 10,000 year storm. This will maximise it’s life and it’s green credentials

    Comment by Ben Oldfield | October 7, 2021 | Reply

    • I doubt that it will ever be thought of as trunk route in the way that Great Western or the London – Scotland lines are and for that reason, like the Euston to Holyhead line they are unlikely to expend that much on its alignment as a 140mph railway. As for electrification, dual mode battery electrics offer the Treasury a great opportunity to avoid the capital cost of full electrification.
      When it comes to exceptional weather events designing the infrastructure is one thing and we shouldn’t be ashamed to learn lessons from the Japanese, they after all have a Typhoon Season, however let’s not forget the rolling stock which also has to be able to withstand wind and flooding – I just wonder if the RSSB are reviewing the Railway Group Standards.

      Comment by fammorris | October 8, 2021 | Reply

  3. I disagree about the full electrification, as I’ve been on so many trains in East Anglia, where wind has brought the wires down, low life have stolen them for the copper and battery electric trains could do the job. I believe that hydrogen and battery locomotives can handle the freight, if only discontinuous electrification. Not sure about the speed, but I think with all the freight trains 110 mph would probably be enough.

    As someone, who was nearly killed in the Great Storm about a dozen miles from Ipswich, you can’t build electrification strong enough and get it through planning to withstand a 1 in 10000 storm.

    Comment by AnonW | October 7, 2021 | Reply

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