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Liverpool Shows The World How To Plan A New Station

Liverpool and Liverpudlians tend to do things differently.

This article on Liverpool Business News is entitled First Look At New Baltic Triangle Station.

This is the first paragraph.

St James station closed in 1917 but images and a video fly-through of a proposed new Merseyrail station to serve the fast-growing Baltic Triangle in Liverpool have been released – and you can help choose a name.

These are my thoughts about the new Liverpool St. James station.

The Video Fly-Through

Merseyrail produced a high-class video fly-through for Headbolt Lane station and it is my belief that these types of presentation are the best way to show everybody what the Transport Authority, Local and National Government are planning to deliver.


  • The station is very cycling-friendly.
  • The proposal includes a cafe and toilets.
  • There are escalators from the surface to the platforms.

My only fault with the video, is that it uses the old Class 508 trains, rather than the new Class 777 trains. But that is being picky!

The Station Name

Liverpool already has a station called Liverpool James Street station.

The UK also has seven railway stations with James in the name and the whole world has a total of twelve, which are listed in Wikipedia.

So to avoid any possible confusion, the three chosen names seem to be a good idea.

  • Liverpool Baltic
  • Liverpool Parliament Street
  • Liverpool Riverside

Cast your vote before February 18th  by clicking here.

I can’t remember a station name being chosen by an Internet vote.

At least a write-in name is not allowed, which should avoid a silly name like Station McStationFace.


Liverpool are to be congratulated on their planning exercise for the new station.

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  1. Huge concrete viaducts ‘to blight east Manchester’ in cut-price Piccadilly rail plans


    Comment by andrewneedhamukhotmailcouk | January 20, 2022 | Reply

  2. I voted for Baltic. The station is partially underground. The city has needed this station for decades. It will regenerate the area. The tunnel was three tracks wide at one point, then went to two tracks when Merseyrail was formed. So space for wider platforms.

    Comment by John | January 20, 2022 | Reply

    • To my mind, Merseyrail and/or the wider Liverpool appear to have someone near the top with vision. They seem to come up with good station designs, which other areas never seem to manage. Transport for London seemed to come up with better ideas, when Peter Hendy was in charge.

      With Liverpool, I wonder, if a young engineer joined just after the projects of the 1970s and he met all of the engineers who’d carried them out. If he had been in his early twenties in 1980, he’d now only be coming up to retirement. So there’s been an unbroken line of thought for sixty years, so the right decisions get made. Or have Liverpool still got all the drawings from the Victorian times?

      You only have to compare the quality of the Class 508 trains, with the Class 313 trains and Class 315 trains of a similar vintage, that ran around London until a couple of years ago. They are quality trains compared to London’s scrapyard specials. Merseyrail and their operators must have done a lot right, as the trains are similar and all were built in York.

      And Merseyrail’s don’t have graffiti! Except when they’re parked in the Garden of England!

      Comment by AnonW | January 21, 2022 | Reply

      • Yes, that 777 that was painted on overnight while being parked in Kent on route to Liverpool. Merseytravel obviously have a budget. They seem to make it spread wider.

        In the 1970s a burrowing junction (a flyover or dive-under) was built south of Central underground station to take trains to and from Edge Hill via the Wapping tunnel. Thacher dropped about one third of Merseyrail (while the DLR was built). So an expensive construction lays underground. Forgotten. If this construction was above ground, in sight, with concrete flyovers, people would have protested to get it finished.

        The city needs this finished to get trains from the east into the central underground section. For example trains from the centre to Liverpool FC’s expanded stadium in Anfield – city centre-Edge Hill-LFC via the Bootle Branch line. Getting the Wapping tunnel operational would even get into play another line.

        Playing about on the peripheries expanding a metro network using battery trains, while the central core is desperately in need of finishing is giving the wrong impression.

        Comment by John | January 21, 2022

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