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My Second Cataract Operation

I had my second cataract operation today and the procedure was little different to my first, that I talked about in My Cataract Operation.

But there is one big difference.

  • My tight eye was and may still be my master eye.
  • So I decided to have the first operation on my weaker left eye.
  • This meant that after the first operation, I was able to use my stronger right eye backed up by my improved left eye. It has been a combination that has served me well for several weeks.
  • Now, I’m typing this with my improved left eye, as I have a patch over my improved right eye, which makes it temporarily useless.

At least by using my browser at a higher scale, I can read it back with my improved left eye.


If you’re having two cataract operations, discuss the order  properly with your surgeon or several people who’ve had a double-cataract operation.

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  1. Makes sense if you think about it 👍

    Comment by Maurice Reed | January 25, 2022 | Reply

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