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Are Network Rail Clearing Up The Hall Farm Curve?

I passed the Hall Farm Curve today and took these pictures.


  1. The truck appears to be one of Network Rail’s.
  2. It looks like there’s ongoing work at the other end of the chord, where it joins the West Anglia Main Line.

It’s been in a derelict state for years, so why are they tidying up now?

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  1. I very much hope so, but it seems to go against the letter I received recently that I shared with you. Curious!

    Comment by James | February 1, 2022 | Reply

  2. probably not more than likely someone moaned and they’ve been told to it They also put an incentive on the dUs a few years back when i was still there that they got the value of scrap rail credited back to local an area as a way of trying to get lineside cleared.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | February 1, 2022 | Reply

  3. I do wish one day that they would reinstate it to enable direct services from Chingford/Walthamstow to Stratford but i doubt with Stratford’s platform capacity crunch it will happen any time soon. One of those links that never really should have gone in the first place.

    Comment by Jimmy O | February 1, 2022 | Reply

    • Stratford is not the problem, as there is a double-loop under the Eastfield Shopping Centre. Liverpool has a single loop for the Wirral Line under the City Centre and that handles sixteen trains per hour, so I suspect the double-loop could handle all the trains going to Cambridge and Stansted up the West Anglia Line and a few more.

      Also once in the past, I got a Stansted Express from Liverpool Street to the Airport and the train went straight on to Stratford at Bethnal Green, through Platform 12 at Stratford and then straight up the West Anglia to the Airport. Stansted Expresses and Cambridge trains don’t have to come through Hackney Downs.

      If Platrforms 11 and 12 and the Crossrail platforms (6 and 8) at Stratford had an escalator/travelator) connection to the platforms at Stratford International, I can see this being used a lot between Cambridge/Stansted and North Kent.

      Comment by AnonW | February 1, 2022 | Reply

  4. I remember reading in the Evening Standard, when it was still a proper paid for newspaper, that a bill had been passed through Parliament granting the right to reinstate Hall Farm curve. Thatwould have been sometime in the 90’s.

    Comment by Maurice Reed | February 1, 2022 | Reply

  5. Someone who should know, told me, that all the chords would be reinstated, when we met at the opening of Lea Bridge station.

    I just wonder, if during the building of Crossrail 2, they will need the chords to get trains to Chingford sidings.

    Comment by AnonW | February 2, 2022 | Reply

  6. An update suggesting a new study for a shuttle service is in progress.

    Comment by Sharon | February 24, 2022 | Reply

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