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Royal Souvenirs Have ‘Platinum Jubbly’ Misprint

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

These are the first three paragraphs.

A spelling mistake on thousands of pieces of Platinum Jubilee merchandising, calling it the “Platinum Jubbly”, is proving a challenge for souvenir sellers.

The cups and plates were meant to mark the Queen’s 70-year reign.

Clearance website boss Karl Baxter said – “in classic Del Boy-style” – he will pitch them as collectors’ items.

It is so sad that Prince Philip is no longer with us. As a Greek he would surely have had some very appropriate jokes about plate smashing.

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Alice, The First All-Electric Passenger Airplane, Prepares To Fly

The title of this post, is the same as this article on CNN.

It looks like the first flight is just weeks away.

This paragraph describes the aircraft and compares it to a Boeing 737.

With battery technology similar to that of an electric car or a cell phone and 30 minutes of charging, the nine-passenger Alice will be able to fly for one hour, and about 440 nautical miles. The plane has a max cruise speed of 250 kts, or 287 miles per hour. For reference, a Boeing 737 has a max cruise speed of 588 miles per hour. The company, focused exclusively on electric air travel, hopes that electric planes that can fit 20 to 40 passengers will be a reality in seven to 10 years.

Fully electric flight on short routes is a lot closer than we think.

Note, that 440 nautical miles will give sufficient range from London to Amsterdam, Belfast, Cork, Frankfurt, Inverness and  Paris.

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Shell’s New Filling Station For Electric Cars

I took these pictures of Shell’s new filling station for electric cars in Fulham, yesterday.

It’s got eleven chargers, a Little Waitrose and a Costa Coffee. What more couple Fulham want?

I’m surprised the Council allowed a Costa!

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Italian Group Taps CO2 For Energy Storage

The title of this post, is the same as that, as this article on Power Magazine.

It takes the form of an interview with Claudio Spadacini, who is the founder and CEO of Energy Dome.

Energy Dome will use carbon dioxide to store energy.

Technically, it looks a viable concept to me.

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Are Network Rail Clearing Up The Hall Farm Curve?

I passed the Hall Farm Curve today and took these pictures.


  1. The truck appears to be one of Network Rail’s.
  2. It looks like there’s ongoing work at the other end of the chord, where it joins the West Anglia Main Line.

It’s been in a derelict state for years, so why are they tidying up now?

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