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Gelion To Trial Battery At Spanish Solar Plant

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This is the first two paragraphs.

Gelion has signed a test and supply contract with European renewables supplier Acciona Energia to trial its zinc-bromide battery technology at a solar plant in Spain.

Acciona Energia’s Montes del Cierzo photovoltaic solar plant in Navarra, northern Spain, will trial the energy storage system, following a competitive process launched in September 2020.

As Gelion’s Chief Executive indicates, this must be a show of confidence in their technology.

There is a full press release on the Gelion web site.

I just wonder, if Gelion could be a technology to be successful.

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  1. Nice to read about a battery technology that doesn’t involve Lithium. I now know a little more about flow batteries.
    I see the Press Release talks about the Spanish project, controlled by the company Acconia Energie, being a project to test up to four different contenders of energy storage for trials ranging between 6 and 12 months.
    ACCIONA is pretty much more interesting than the companies it works with. It not only engages in the sustainability of energy but also water, transport, social enterprises, and cities. It was founded in 2010 and is the company behind the Genia project, and says it…..” invests in, develops and operates infrastructure assets that make our planet more sustainable.” Every 5 years it issues a new Sustainability Master Plan by selecting suitable contenders such as Genia for trials, with ACCIONA Energie making a return on their investment if the tests are successful through the commercialisation of innovation and I assume future equity rights.

    Comment by fammorris | February 2, 2022 | Reply

    • Sorry for the errors I meant Gelion.

      Comment by fammorris | February 2, 2022 | Reply

    • Acciona appears as you say to be an interesting company. Spain is big in the renewable energy business and Acconia seem to be at the heart of it.

      Did you look up their wind turbine business , which has turbines for high winds? This must be an advantage.

      They are also a big player in concentrated solar power.

      There do seem to be several Spanish companies like this, which go their own way with technology. CAF, Gamesa and Talgo come to mine.

      Comment by AnonW | February 2, 2022 | Reply

  2. CAF, the old Gamesa Technological Corporation, and Acciona are all from that Northern part of Spain with a culture of community led enterprises, Talgo are a bit of of an outlier coming from the Madrid region and having been formed in 1942.
    Like Gamesa who merged with Siemens for the wind turbine business, Acciona merged their wind turbine business with Germany’s Nordex, imfamous for the turbine tower that collapsed in Germany last year. Looking through the product range I don’t think there’s anything particularly unique about the product range as most turbine manufacturers cover the range of wind speeds up to what’s seen as the limiting tip speed of the blades.

    Comment by fammorris | February 2, 2022 | Reply

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