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A Cool Move To Keep Emissions On Track

The title of this post is the same as that of this press release from Tesco.

This is the body of the release.

  • Tesco and DRS partner on a new refrigerated rail freight service that will take 40 lorries off the road for every journey it makes
  •  Helping Tesco to deliver Christmas, the service will run seven days a week and replace 7.3 million road miles with greener distribution
  •  New service supports Tesco’s commitment to reach net zero emissions in its operations by 2035

Tesco and Direct Rail Services (DRS) have partnered to introduce a cool new service to Britain’s railways.

The new service will be the first time Tesco has used refrigerated rail freight in the UK, distributing chilled goods from Tilbury to Coatbridge by low CO2 rail twice a day, seven days a week. This means that rail freight will play an even bigger role in helping Tesco to deliver Christmas this year and over the next couple of weeks this new service will transport hundreds of different products, including festive favourites such as sprouts, parsnips, carrots, onions, oranges and lemons just in time for that all important Christmas dinner.

Using rail has significant environmental benefits. The 415-mile route will use DRS’s Class 88 bi-mode electric locomotives which can run on electricity and produce zero exhaust and greenhouse gas emissions. This service alone will take at least 17,000 containers off the road each year, saving Tesco 7.3 million road miles and nearly 9,000 tonnes of CO2e.


  1. This is Tesco’s first use of refrigerated rail freight.
  2. It starts from the new Tilbury 2 freight terminal.
  3. All services seem to be run using bi-mode Class 88 locomotives, running for most of the route using electricity.

Tesco seem to be following the rule, that every little helps when it comes to decarbonisation and climate change.

This Google Map shows Tilbury.


  1. The Port of Tilbury is in the West.
  2. Tilbury Town station on the Tilbury Loop Line is on the North side of the Port.
  3. There is a cruise ship at the London Cruise Terminal on the river.
  4. Next to the terminal is the Gravesend Tilbury Ferry. I can remember the car ferries on this route.
  5. Then there is Tilbury Fort.
  6. The Tilbury 2 Terminal is in the East.

I took these pictures in 2017.

I suspect it’s a bit different now!


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