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A Walk Around New Bermondsey – 8th February 2022

I took these pictures as I walked around Millwall’s Football Ground to the site of New Bermondsey and then on to South Bermondsey station to get the train to London Bridge.

These are my thoughts.

New Bermondsey Development

In Housing Development Next To Planned Overground Station Gets Approved, I used this description of the development from this article on Ian Visits.

The development, New Bermondsey, will see a cluster of residential towers built around the Millwall football ground on former light industrial sites, and will provide some 3,500 homes, a new sports facility, auditorium with 800 seats, and it’s said some 1,250 jobs. The towers vary in height across the site from 13 – 44 storeys; most towers are around 29/30 storeys.

Ian’s article also shows a visualisation with nineteen towers and some shorter blocks.

The development has a web site, which has a video on the home page.

Car Parking

I have gone through the New Bermondsey web site and the only mentions of parking are in these two statements, which describe the basement.

  • Allocation for move in and out bays for vans.
  • Secure residents’ cycle parking.

Does this mean that no car parking spaces are provided?

This article on LondonReconnections is entitled Canal Knowledge: The Fall and Rise of Surrey Canal Road Station.

One of the comments says this about parking around the station.

The permission for this development includes zero car parking provision, and a restriction preventing the granting of street parking permits. Such a restriction has been common in the “skyscraper zone” of the Isle of Dogs for many years but I suspect is a fairly novel stipulation in other boroughs.

It does appear that those living in the New Bermondsey development will have to live car-free.

New Bermondsey Station

New Bermondsey station appears to be an empty concrete shell, that just needs fitting out with stairs and/or lifts, entrances/exits, ticketing and platforms alongside the line.

  • The London Overground started running in December 2012 over the bridge.
  • Wikipedia says it will be an accessible station.
  • It probably needs to be an accessible station, if no car parking is provided in the development.
  • The article on LondonReconnections confirms that lifts will be fitted from opening date.
  • There are hints on the Internet, that the station will open before substantial development happens in the area.

I would hope that the station wouldn’t take too long to finish.

South Bermondsey Station

South Bermondsey Station is at the other end of the development and it is a station that needs improvement.

  • I used it today and there are lots of stairs to the platforms.
  • As with New Bermondsey station, it needs to be made step-free.
  • It is also a cold, draughty station and needs a few shelters.

But it could be made into a much better station to serve Millwall Football Club.

Millwall Football Club

Millwall Football Club appear to have plans for the future and the New Bermondsey development will probably make access to the ground more difficult.

But it will have two stations close by, instead of one.


There were roadworks in the area and that partly explains the crowded roads.

But will the road network be able to cope with construction traffic generated by the development?

At least the residents won’t have any cars of their own.


I hope this development works as it will create 3,500 much-needed homes, but will the absence of car parking in the development mean that many won’t want to move there?

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  1. Car parking. It must be the majority of high-rise built in London in the last ten years, in proximity to a transport hub (station), that have no provision for car parking. Perhaps the penthouse gets one; they are paying enough.
    Not even enough provision for bicycles, I see plenty on their balconies.

    Comment by Dave | February 9, 2022 | Reply

    • I suspect that building on my work of thirty years ago with the Met in analysing crime, that most of the bicycle storage is not secure enough! When I lived in the Barbican in the 1970s, it would have been impossible to steal a bike without a secure key, so I don’t ever remember hearing of any thefts.

      Comment by AnonW | February 9, 2022 | Reply

    • The attitude seems to be to make life as difficult as possible for motorists. In Waltham Forest the council has had every car park built on with flats. Now they going one further and removing 120 garages from a site in Billericay to build more flats. The land was bought by Waltham Forest after WWII with the intention of building houses (not flats) for people who were bombed out by the Luftwaffe. There is a shortage of 3 & 4 bedroom houses but our blinkered council just want 1 & 2 bedroom flats occupied by Labour voters!

      Comment by Maurice Reed | February 9, 2022 | Reply

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